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  1. Yes we are very much in the same boat. We are from the U.K. and retired in May this year. We had one cruise on Harmony cancelled for March (no surprise) and our main retirement cruise which was a Transpacific to Australia and New Zealand for this autumn. (Today we should be in Sydney!) We have now moved that to 2022. We have a cruise to Norway booked for June 2021 and hope that by that time things will be back to semi-normal-ish again.
  2. Hi, I can totally relate to your situation. I had been working a 3 - day week for some time and when the covid -19 situation arose, we were working from home indefinitely, and everything was shut down anyway so we couldn't do anything and all travel ground to a halt. (This is in the UK). So,...I figured I might as well keep working (from home) as; A/ it gave me something to do 3-days a week and, B/ yes, the money was handy. However, due to cost cutting measures my company made me an offer to leave early and it was too good to pass up so I grabbed it. My point being, if they ha
  3. I first posted on this thread probably 2 or 3 years ago, and was counting down the days first of all till Oct 2019 when I first planned to retire and I then changed my plans to August 2020. This date worked better for us and our plans to do a transpacific on Ovation ot Seas as a retirement present to ourselves. Due to the current pandemic and my work situation, I finally took early retirement at the end of May this year and it was the best thing I ever did. Yes, these are difficult times right now for everyone, and we have cancelled all our travels for this year. We have also moved o
  4. Sorry to read of your situation. I hope you get it resolved quickly. good luck.
  5. Decided to call Saga and was told no refund. Only those policies taken out since Jan 2020 and as long no trips has been taken, then some customers were refunded a portion of thier policy. The fact that we had taken out our annual multi trip policy last July and been on one trip made it worthless. This was a harsh lesson and I will certainly not be renewing my policy with this company again. we have been loyal customers for years and treated badly. Just to add salt to the wound I also received a reminder that my policy was due fir renewal and the price has gone up by 23%.
  6. Well here we are, over 2 weeks later and not a word from them.
  7. I decided to call my Travel insurance one more time and this time they were more sympathetic to my case and have agreed to look into it. It may take a week or so before they get back to me.
  8. Flossie009 Thank you for that. It is interesting that in the list of insurers and under the table of Annual cover it states that Saga would consider this on a case by case bases. I have been a loyal costumer to Saga over the years buying multiple policies (house and car insurance as well as travel) and on the subject of pressing the pause button on my insurance or a refund on my Annual cover (which was taken out in July 2019) I was told on two separate occasions by different people and also via e-mail, that a refund in shape in any shape or form was out of the question. No
  9. Hi,..very interesting topic and glad I found this as we are in a similar situation. We normally use Saga worldwide annual cover and our current policy is due to expire next month. We have used this for several years and once had to make a minor claim for medical expense. We have a cruise booked for Feb 2021 which was moved from March 2020, and it is unlikely that we will be going on that one as well. I called Saga today and asked about the Covid-19 cover, and as per the previous poster stated, I was reminded that any new policy would not cover for that. The lady also
  10. I finally took early retirement at the end of May this year. I had planned to retire in August this year anyway but the virus brought the plans forward due to cost cutting measures at work etc thus it was not a problem. I had already been working a 3 - day week for some time and also latterly from home for the last 2-1/2 months so it was an easy transition. Our retirement cruise was meant to be Alaska - Hawaii - Transpacific to Sydney on Ovation of the Seas this this September but that has now been cancelled. So,......we have now booked the reverse option from Sydney to Hawaii
  11. I am pretty sure our Ovation Transpacific in Sept / Oct this year will also be cancelled. I just saw in our news today that all three Cunard round the world cruises have been stopped and all passengers to be flown home. The ships will return to the UK empty. Difficult times for all.
  12. Sorry to read this but totally understand. We were booked to sail on Harmony on March 22nd this year but canceled, as we were afraid of being quarantined and not able to get back to the UK. Our “dream" cruise on Ovation is still 6 months away so fingers crossed, it will have all sorted itself out by then, otherwise we will need to make some serious decisions nearer the time.
  13. Amazing. Thank you for sharing. We sail to Alaska on Ovation later this year and we cant wait.
  14. Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to share your experience and fantastic pictures. It is very much appreciated.
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