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  1. I know this is really far out but I’ve seen an ABC itinerary for Explorer leaving March 12, 2021 on a few different sites but it’s no where on Royal Caribbean’s site. Any ideas why? There are cruises before and after that date, it’s like that period is blocked out for EOTS. Possible charter pending? 🤔
  2. Agree - New boat has a whole section of shade at the back. On a 3.5 hr tour we were on the boat for about 1 hour total, most of your time is in the water.
  3. We had someone on our excursion that was very nervous and not a good swimmer. They actually had her hold on to the guide who carried her through the water. They are amazing!!!
  4. Just back from Bonaire last week, second time there and this time we did Woodwind. Hands down it is not only the best excursion I have ever been on it might just be one of the best experiences of my life! Next time I am in Bonaire I would seriously consider doing both the morning and afternoon tour with Woodwind.
  5. Thanks everyone, very helpful! I figure even if the excursion is mediocre it beats sitting in Ft. Lauderdale's boring airport! 😎
  6. We are doing an Everglades excursion through the cruise ship as our flight leaves later in the day and it seemed a good way to kill some time and see the Everglades. Has anyone done this? I'm wondering how the luggage process works? Do we still put it out the night before and then grab it ourselves and take it to excursion meeting point? Do we carry off our own luggage?
  7. I'll be on the 2/15-2/25/18 Jewel cruise and we do not visit Nassau. Last port of call is Grand Cayman on the 23rd.
  8. I have to search for cruises in an "incognito" window otherwise soon as I specify ANYTHING it shows NO cruises available....ever. 🙄
  9. I'm wondering about Feb 15th sailing as well. I don't see great things about Simona but not sure how long CD's actually stay on. seems she may be coming off after being on since November....
  10. Thank you - this is helpful!! Back to counting down the days. 🙂
  11. My mom and I are cruising on Jewel in February in an interior room. My step-dad decided this weekend he wants to join as well. Since we are after final payment the RCI agent on the phone was giving us a bit of a hard time about booking an ocean view cabin and moving her into the room. So we just booked him an ocean view on his own. Can we move her into his room once we get to the port? I'm sure she can get a key to his room and unofficially stay over there but for the ease of charging and not having to carry two cards it would be easiest to switch her at check in. Anyone have an insight? TIA
  12. I've been wondering the same! Love passing the days till my next cruise living vicariously through Kim's wonderful reviews!
  13. Agree - No gear provided but we brought snorkel gear with us as it was new and we wanted to test it out. There wasn't much to see.
  14. Was on Serenade last year and really enjoyed the crepes in the buffet. Was disappointed to not see them on Navigator this past winter. Have they made an appearance on Jewel? I think I read this was a radiance class thing.
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