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  1. On serenade now. Half full. Maybe 100 people at comedy show last night. Only one level of dining room open. Walked up to pool at 9 am and got two chairs poolside with maybe 3 other people in the row of 20 chairs.
  2. Where did you hear that? Does that mean they will not be quarantining future cruises that have passengers that test positive? Scheduled to sail Friday on Serenade and considering canceling...not for fear of getting sick but out of fear of being quarantined and stuck if a fellow passenger becomes sick.
  3. I know this is really far out but I’ve seen an ABC itinerary for Explorer leaving March 12, 2021 on a few different sites but it’s no where on Royal Caribbean’s site. Any ideas why? There are cruises before and after that date, it’s like that period is blocked out for EOTS. Possible charter pending? 🤔
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