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  1. Can the FCC be applied toward a booking that is already under deposit for next year?
  2. I’m looking for a beach or hotel on the beach that might offer massages right on the beach. Any recommendations?
  3. We will be going in a boat tour while in Capri and they have asked me what kind of wine I would like them to provide. I have no idea what they have there but I like a very sweet red wine (Think grape juice) or a sweet moscato type wine. Does anyone have any recommendations ?
  4. We are in Santorini next June from 1pm-10pm. Would like to go to Oia, of course. Any advice would be great. I assume it is very busy at that time. Also, would we have time to got to a restaurant to view sunset and get back down to the ship on time?
  5. Kusadasi is a port stop on my Med cruise for June 2020 and I’m wondering if ships stopped there this year or if that port stop was changed or cancelled? Is it a nice place to just walk around the port area and take photos? I am unable to find any recent posts.
  6. I did find yours and it was very helpful! Thanks for sharing!
  7. I am struggling to find Mediterranean cruise reviews on here. I keep doing a search and wording it different ways but I keep getting rolls calls and things that don’t apply at all to the Med. Please help. What am I doing wrong?
  8. This will be my first Europeon cruise and would appreciate any advice, tips for international cruising. I read somewhere that we do not go through customs at debarkation, Is this correct? Any other useful info is appreciated. Flying in from US.
  9. I am looking for some mid priced restaurant recommendations for Rome (in June) for lunch and also dinner. A nice view would also be great. TIA
  10. Is Rome a good place for shopping? Never been there.....suggestions, please.
  11. Does anyone know how much it cost to rent a cabana in HMC?
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