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  1. We are in Santorini next June from 1pm-10pm. Would like to go to Oia, of course. Any advice would be great. I assume it is very busy at that time. Also, would we have time to got to a restaurant to view sunset and get back down to the ship on time?
  2. Kusadasi is a port stop on my Med cruise for June 2020 and I’m wondering if ships stopped there this year or if that port stop was changed or cancelled? Is it a nice place to just walk around the port area and take photos? I am unable to find any recent posts.
  3. I did find yours and it was very helpful! Thanks for sharing!
  4. I am struggling to find Mediterranean cruise reviews on here. I keep doing a search and wording it different ways but I keep getting rolls calls and things that don’t apply at all to the Med. Please help. What am I doing wrong?
  5. This will be my first Europeon cruise and would appreciate any advice, tips for international cruising. I read somewhere that we do not go through customs at debarkation, Is this correct? Any other useful info is appreciated. Flying in from US.
  6. I am looking for some mid priced restaurant recommendations for Rome (in June) for lunch and also dinner. A nice view would also be great. TIA
  7. Is Rome a good place for shopping? Never been there.....suggestions, please.
  8. Has anyone gone on a Mediterranean cruise on this ship or is anyone going this year?
  9. I tried to search this but was unable to find an answer to this particular question. Has anyone taken a boat tour from (port) Naples to Capri, see some of the grottos, do some snorkeling, and then back to Naples? I’m not looking to take the ferry and then get on another boat, unless that is necessary. I would prefer to be on one boat the entire time. Hoping for a small group, don’t need private. In port from 7am-6pm so there should be time to do this.
  10. We have never been to Mykonos before but I think I would like to just explore on our own. I am interested in the wind mills, wandering through the town streets and lunch somewhere on the water at Little Venice. How much time should I plan for this...walking? Our ship is in port from 6am-6pm. Please help with any advice and recommendations for places for lunch. Do I need to make a reservation? Maybe time to go to the beach for a couple of hours? We will be there in June.
  11. Would this be a good cabin location choice? Is there any positives/negatives about being in this area?
  12. Can anyone tell me how The Anytime Dining works on the Victory? I know some ships you check in on one level and are given a pager....
  13. BBC (Baileys Banana Colada) Not sure what’s in it but it’s creamy and frozen and delicious!
  14. I have been on several Carnival cruises but am now contemplating an RCCL on the Rhapsody to the Greek Isles and Croatia. Is there a link or website or somewhere I can look to find out all I need to know about cruising from Venice, and general info I would need to know about RCCL? What levels and cabin areas of the ship to avoid? TIA!
  15. Any restaurants or bars with nice view of the sunset? February. Preferably somewhere we can also hang out at during the day.
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