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  1. Well, there you have another service opportunity! If we can have a pillow menu, maybe we should have a soap menu. Shape, size, color scent... local or imported... solid, liquid, gel.... (I have spent way too much time and money on soap this year.)
  2. What, Crystal only has square soap? Heavens, the low to which we have fallen!
  3. Uluru is worth a visit, and while much is aimed at tourists, you will get a feel for the local people, and if you take the time, you will see why the rock is important. I have been there a few times, and would gladly go again. Alice is usually just a jumping off point for Uluru, and seems to have a lot of problems. Sails in the Desert always seemed to attempt to be more than it was. My last trip was a student tour, and we were camping, so I have probably covered all the accommodations available. But, it's a very long way to go for just a few days. Look at the flight t
  4. It isn't just following the current restrictions. It's the fact that most restrictions are effectively retroactive. Embarking passengers in Sydney that have followed all current regulations will not help if on March 5th Singapore is discovered to have been dangerous. Crystal might then find itself in a situation where it cannot dock anywhere. Passengers have to get to Sydney somehow... China, Korea, Italy, Japan all face or will face restrictions. The current complement have all been on the ship long enough to qualify as "safe" for most places. I don't see a lot of
  5. Reports from the Silver Spirit was that they were docked in Chan May and that the Symphony was in the harbor and using tenders. Viet Nam seems to be open for cruise ships.
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