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  1. I believe the case was finalised in 2017. Perhaps the attached news article may help. I'm an Australian and have never used Scenic and never will. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-08-31/scenic-tours-lose-class-action-over-bus-travel-europe-flood/8859668
  2. I realise I haven't posted or cruised in quite a while and I only looked up this thread for a friend who like everyone is worried about low water levels. Somehow I'm not surprised that Scenic is still using its old tricks even after their massive payout to past Australian cruisers in the class action lawsuit they lost in similar circumstances, low water issues and their web of half truths. My friend will be praying for rain.
  3. Ozjohnno

    Viking Tipping - High pressure??

    I'll have to take your word for that mate but in the case of Tauck and Scenic the CD's are company employees. Working for tips alone is not a job I can see many taking on.
  4. You were the one that used the term "compensation". All I did was query the definition. I'm glad your happy with your cruise and new itinerary but I would still think that you were offered a new future marketing deal that has a time limitation. not compensation.
  5. It might just be that I'm Australian and don't understand but how in heck is a discount off a future cruise considered to be compensation? I was always taught that compensation was defined as .."something, typically money, awarded to someone in recognition of loss, suffering, or injury". For the like of me I can't see how a marketing tool to discount a future cruise you may or may nor be able to afford or want to take is considered compensation.
  6. If you're looking for an all-inclusive cruise then neither AMA or Uniworld are all-inclusive.
  7. Did a number of land tours with Insight and wasn't impressed. Far too many "optional extra's", TG's that were not of the standard I expected and the hotels they used were not of a very high standard. I will say their coaches were quite roomy. I haven't used Insight for a few years now and they might have improved but they'll never be in the same class as a Tauck land tour.
  8. Ozjohnno

    Tauck, Crystal or Uniworld

    Tauck also have suites of 330sq ft. They also carry far less passengers than their competitors and the crew/passenger ratio is also much better. I've cruised twice with Tauck and the 150sq ft cabin didn't put me off and wasn't a game changer either. If you spend that much time in your cabin then you're not enjoying your cruise.
  9. Ozjohnno

    Win a Balcony Suite on Scenic's Gems of the Seine!

    That page does not appear to be available to Australians - not that I ever win anything anyway.
  10. Ozjohnno

    Viking shorts at dinner?

    Looking for an internet fight? You won't get one from me.
  11. Ozjohnno

    Silversea, Seabourn, Crystal Fan...Which River Line?

    Scenic like Tauck who are seldom mentioned on these boards are truly all-inclusive. The other lines are not. The only difference for me is the number of passengers on board vessels of the same dimensions. Scenic cater for 169 passengers whilst the new Tauck boats cater for 130 passengers. I appreciated the passenger/crew ratio on Tauck.
  12. Ozjohnno

    Viking shorts at dinner?

    The OP has probably realised by now that when you ask about river cruise attire the "CC fashion police" always will direct you to the way they expect you to dress whilst on-board. Now if they've paid for your holiday then of course you should dress the way they tell you BUT if you've paid for the cruise yourself then I would counsel that you can dress as you desire. It is your holiday and your wardrobe.
  13. I've done one land and two river cruises with Tauck since 2011. Except for a couple of personal picky problems I couldn't fault Tauck. I've posted two Tauck river cruise reviews, one in 2011 and the other in 2014. I do however admit that it appears most Tauck customers simply do not post. My guess is that in every aspect Tauck has satisfied every thing they expected. Everyone has their personal favourite river cruise company and Tauck is mine.
  14. Ozjohnno

    Cruise Critic on Tauck!

    Did you ask your cabin Steward to stock your mini-bar with some alcoholic drinks? I'm sure, like us, you'll find whatever you asked for in your mini bar when you return from your excursion.
  15. Ozjohnno

    Uniworld vs Viking questions

    Again I'll put in a plug for the forgotten line on these pages, Tauck. They are truly all-inclusive, have fine decor, have a CD and 3 TD's on board and IMO the big winner is the number of passengers. All boats are very similar in size because of the lock configerations but on a Tauck cruise you'll find just 118 to 130 passengers on board compared to the 140 to 200 on board other lines. This might not be a selling point to some but it is to me.