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  1. Just checked with daughter.... chance of rain, but nothing right now forecast that should mess up flying too much.
  2. How long are you in Houston.... that will be your trouble spot for weather. What time are you due in IAH? My daughter is a pilot for Southwest and flying tomorrow. I will ask her to check the flight weather.... they get lots more detail than I normally find.
  3. How do you plan to get to the BCN airport? We are flying Air France to Paris to rent a car and drive to the Normandy area for a week of bumming around.
  4. We have made it to Miami. On to FLL tomorrow. We should meet if noting else at the B2B meeting. Ginny
  5. See you onboard both cruises. We are doing the exact same ones. We leave for Miami tomorrow, and on to Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday.
  6. Does Elite Plus still get a port day visit to the Persian gardens? Thinking of packing and trying to decide on a swimsuit. Thanks
  7. Please be sure and update us with the final outcome please.
  8. TWICE within a 6 month period Celebrity cancelled a cruise we had BOOKED and deposit PAID.... good luck. They really screw you. Both were a Back to back to Back booking. The first was the middle cruise of 3 which was HORRIBLE. The second was the first cruise of 3. When you fly half way across the country being told well, sorry, here is a cruise in June and oh, Sept. we will book as a replacement really does not cut it.
  9. Yes it has. I am Elite and gotten lots of them
  10. We have been hard core cruisers for the last 10 years. We are now Elite Plus with Celebrity and Diamond Plus with Royal. I refused to book with any other cruise line, as it would not "gain" me anything. Now, I know we will never reach the top level with either company, so now we are trying other lines.... have cruised with Windstar (loved) Oceania (loved), and a Europe River cruise... so so.... Royal/Celebrity are losing money now that used to be dedicated to them.....
  11. We are booked through a TA and the offer came to our email.
  12. How do you find out the minimum bid has dropped? Do they send another email out?
  13. I am new to all this... I know they swipe my card when I play the Roulette wheel, but how in the world do they know how much I bet?
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