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  1. Yeah, but at least we’ll have plenty of gin to compensate! Hope to meet you on a future cruise!
  2. Well, I mentioned the name ‘Margaret’, their eyes glazed over, and this was the result! A bit puzzled that ir was the Safety Manager who asked what accompaniments we’d like...
  3. Margbem, just got to your post on the original ‘gin’ discussion. That’s trying their best at this stage, I guess...
  4. Hi Margbem, nice to hear you’re having such a great time! We are really looking forward to boarding on Saturday in Barcelona and enjoying those balmy Med temperatures. Any progress on the craft gin front?!
  5. Making a reservation for Colonnades? Is this new (we’ve never booked before) or is it just for the TK night/chicken? And how difficult is it to get a meal at Earth and Ocean? Will we be ok if we go late (say 8pm)rather than early?
  6. For your information, I went via my booking agent with my gin request to Seabourn. They asked how many bottles I wanted (good start) but said they may have to charge me (not so good). I said I’d bring it myself (you can take one bottle of booze each on board apparently), but I may stick to the Margaritas as (unlike many of our American cousins) I can’t tell one tequila from another!
  7. Thanks all! I’m asking for Silent Pool (not so far known to me) and will let you know if I get it!
  8. I'm on a two week cruise on Odyssey in October and looking forward to everything except their dire gin offerings. Is it worth asking for a bottle of a special gin for the cabin do you think, and if so, can anyone suggest a gutsy new gin that they'd be able to source relatively easily. We'd love a Yorkshire gin, but asking them to get a bottle of Hooting Owl or Rare Bird Rhubarb (mmmm...lovely) may be a bit difficult.
  9. Thanks for the link, karlewilliams. We were on Odyssey for our first ever cruise 10 years ago, so we’re looking forward to being on board again in October and enjoying the upgrades.
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