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  1. Reassuring news in from Viking about checking in at the Stazione Marittima (cruise terminal)/before being taken to the ship in Marghera or Fusina, and about transport into Venice from the ship to facilitate sightseeing. We’re staying pre-cruise at a hotel close to Piazzale Roma, so will either be able to walk from there to the cruise terminal or catch the people mover. That’s one stress over!
  2. So it seems as if Viking doesn’t have an actual policy on how many passengers sail and will fully book a cruise if it can? We have just made a late booking on the 24 October Med cruise starting in Venice (or somewhere adjacent to Venice, presumably). The earliest seating we could get in any restaurant was 8.00pm and most are for 8.30 and two for 9pm. We prefer a bit earlier but it’s not a game changer, although we’ll try to shift things around when on board. Could only get one booking for the Chef’s Table, though….
  3. Being a fan of bare-it-all European spas, I wonder if it is generally thought okay to dispense with one’s swimming costume when using the ladies sauna/plunge pool and the mixed steam room/ice room, etc?! There is nothing like saunas and steam rooms for destroying swimwear! I’d much rather use a towel for modesty and to save other people’s possible embarrassment if it is acceptable. And I’d wear swimwear in the pool. Any thoughts? Oh, and what are the arrangements at the moment for booking and using the spa area?
  4. Very interesting that they are helping us Brits out this way. Does anyone know if they are skipping Kusadasi on the Greece cruise as Turkey is also red for Brits. We didn’t book for it (yet) because of the Turkey problem…
  5. Hi All! A new question for you. We’re Brits holding back for a while on booking a Oct/Nov first cruise with Viking until we know we’re going to be allowed in, to, eg. Italy (currently five days self-isolating required). Anyway….I’ve been watching a very nice couple on Youtube describing how it is on one of the Viking Malta cruises, and there is this awful MUZAK playing in the background. Tell me, does this foul noise follow you everywhere or is there a muzak free zone where one can sit and read without such pollution? As you can tell, it’s a real hate of mine….dealbreaker possibly…
  6. People have mentioned the Captain’s drinks party. Is this always on a particular night on a seven night cruise? We are contemplating the drinks package upgrade but might postpone if the Captain’ ‘do’ is on, say, the second night out… . And I’ve heard the happy hour is a bit of a scrum, which doesn’t appeal - views from Oceania old-timers? This is our first O cruise.
  7. Re Mura’s comment about Red Ginger food not being sufficiently spicy (and I assume the Indian food they serve is the same in terms of heat?), do they have fresh chillies on board that I could have on the side? No American cruise ship I’ve sailed on has ever had fresh chilli, which goes some way to explaining the blandness (apologies to all those in the States who like hot curry...).
  8. We’re new to Oceania - not sailing until March 22. I asked my TA last month when it would be possible to book Las Reserve and his reply: ‘Oceania have advised that the ability to pre-book La Reserve is available 75 days prior to sailing.’ Who knows if that may change...who knows anything right now...?!
  9. Yeah, but at least we’ll have plenty of gin to compensate! Hope to meet you on a future cruise!
  10. Well, I mentioned the name ‘Margaret’, their eyes glazed over, and this was the result! A bit puzzled that ir was the Safety Manager who asked what accompaniments we’d like...
  11. Margbem, just got to your post on the original ‘gin’ discussion. That’s trying their best at this stage, I guess...
  12. Hi Margbem, nice to hear you’re having such a great time! We are really looking forward to boarding on Saturday in Barcelona and enjoying those balmy Med temperatures. Any progress on the craft gin front?!
  13. Making a reservation for Colonnades? Is this new (we’ve never booked before) or is it just for the TK night/chicken? And how difficult is it to get a meal at Earth and Ocean? Will we be ok if we go late (say 8pm)rather than early?
  14. For your information, I went via my booking agent with my gin request to Seabourn. They asked how many bottles I wanted (good start) but said they may have to charge me (not so good). I said I’d bring it myself (you can take one bottle of booze each on board apparently), but I may stick to the Margaritas as (unlike many of our American cousins) I can’t tell one tequila from another!
  15. Thanks all! I’m asking for Silent Pool (not so far known to me) and will let you know if I get it!
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