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  1. Thanks all for the info, I'll have to check out the restaurants on the ship, I've always been ok with the buffet and main dinning room so this will be a treat for sure. As I don't drink soda, coffee and generally mixed drinks I'm sure that that choice was not for me. Looking forward to checking out the Norwegian line.
  2. I will be traveling on the escape over thanksgiving. its my first time on a Norwegian and I'm not sure if I understand the freeb's that I got with the cruise. Specialty dinning, Wi-Fi and shore excursion credit. ( took this over the drinks as the gratuities was more then I think I would drink in a day) I don't know how the dinning one works can I eat every day in a Specialty dinning restaurant? am I limited to which ones? How does this work. I imagine I should try to make as many reservations as I can now to make sure I can get in. Will there be any extra cost even with the "free" dinning?
  3. I am thinking I might want to do a world cruise in about 2022. It seems that the people who put deposits on future sailing get a better deal then those that wait. So I was wondering... I sail on a HAL in Feb 2019 and was wondering if I could put a deposit on a sailing in 2022 even though I don't know what ship it might be on (I would imagine that it will be the Amsterdam again) and I might want to wait to 2023 if I don't like the itinerary as much as it might be ( I like the 2020 one and figure that they probably repeat the general paths every couple of years.
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