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  1. So it is our luck that after our August 2020 cruise departing Trieste was cancelled, in January we booked the same itinerary you mentioned, for February 2022. But of course I am now concerned about our two overnights in Myanmar, due to the coup. So we will wait a while and see what happens.
  2. The first Alaska cruise on the website is in May 2021.
  3. The note to which you refer applies to cruises cancelled by Silversea, not to those which the passenger cancels.
  4. I also should have added that IMHO the Origin’s inaugural cruise will be cancelled by SS and you will receive a cash refund if you desire.
  5. If I remember correctly the up to 30 day prior to cruise cash refund option was revoked and replaced on April 8. Please see the attached. 1655033992_SilverseaCruisewithConfidenceProgram20200408.pdf
  6. Is there evidence that Seabourn is processing refunds more rapidly than Silversea?
  7. ...not to mention the logistical nightmare of getting crews under contract and in place by July departure dates. And it’s unclear whether Americans (and maybe other nationalities) will be permitted to enter continental European countries without going through quarantine.
  8. About the same odds as the Moon’s maiden voyage departing Trieste on August 6.
  9. The cancellation penalties are also on your cruise confirmation, which your TA would have sent when you booked. Good luck. But I suspect we Americans won’t benpermittedntonenter Italy for a while.
  10. These are difficult questions, and I look forward to the answers.
  11. Let me try again. The policy Alexandria posted is the policy in the US which I and others have posted and to which we have referred in several posts. (It has been easy to find on the Silversea website and it is also on your cruise invoice and receipt, with the dates various penalties apply). If the date you started this thread is the date you requested a refund, that date was less than 120 days from the Venice departure to which you referred. So, yes you are subject to a 15% penalty had you cancelled on or after that date. What date did you speak to your travel agent to cancel? (Did you read
  12. The first cruise listed on the website is now July 16. It may have been updated today.
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