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    Ovation of the seas

    Yes, Hobart. On Ovation it’s been an annual cruise for us either on the way to Adelaide or just to Hobart. Do prefer the longer cruises on Ovation, we had one of our best cruises on her and one of our less enjoyable on a shorter cruise but generally I think that’s how cruising rolls.
  2. That’s exactly what my husband wears now on RC formal nights. The days when there were a lot of tuxedos on formal night have long gone on RC.
  3. megsie

    Ovation of the seas

    We booked an obstructed balcony guarantee room on Ovation and was given a room on Deck 13. Just a quick trip to the Windjammer for a snack (maybe a good or bad thing). Our room was under the foyer area to the Windjammer, no noise and no complaints with view. But we normally get a large balcony on deck 9 and have been happy with them. Photo of deck 13 room obstructions.
  4. megsie

    Ovation boarding

    The first 2 times on boarding Ovation were not good. First time, heaps of people arriving early who were not in our time slot. Staff would only do the current time slot but we couldn’t get through the crowds. Second time, computers crashed we were through the downstairs checkin but jammed up in a line with a lot of others for 45 min +. Check in was 12 and we got onboard after 2. Third time lucky, made sure we requested earliest checkin time and it was a huge improvement. When inside, where the mobile checkin staff were with their tablets, there were even some flags for the C&A but we didn’t even need to go there (D+), smooth as and for the first time on in about 10 minutes. Try earlier and you will probably get on, at worst if it’s too busy there’s some nice things to do around the Rocks.
  5. Lindeman’s has been operating wineries for 175+ years here in Australia but the moscato is unavailable in some of the local bottle shops. It’s a low priced wine $10 Aus but decent quality if you can get it. My favourite in a similar wine - if anyone from RC reads this - is a Brown Brothers Zibbibo, rose being my fav. Have had it on local cruises on, dare I say, Princess.
  6. I think they may be looking to purchase more into the South Pacific Islands. Unfortunately here with the exemption of the major cities, Australia and almost all of the SP islands are tender ports. So with the larger ships and larger to come, it can be chaotic getting ashore. If RC provided docking facilities access would be a lot easier.
  7. I pre requested a bottle of moscato as a D+ gift/perk on Ovation in November. Received 8 bottles of water. The current popular moscato is a sometimes slightly dry white sweet tasting wine, sometimes bubbly or pink tinge as opposed to the regional Muscat type fortified drink.
  8. megsie

    Ovation entertainment

    In November the band in the music hall was called Pulse, a generic type house band. They usually have a tribute band onboard as well.
  9. megsie

    Ovation entertainment

    A lot depends on the length of your cruise and the planning of the cruise director. But in Nov the early Headliner show was mostly 6.45 and late show at 8.45. Formal night was night 2, with a Captain’s reception at 7.15pm in the Royal Esplanade. Plus Pixels shows we’re on at 7.30 and 9.30pm (reservations) as well as the 2 headliner shows, 10.15 majority rules game and a late night comedian at 10.30pm. As well as other quizzes, dancing, amusements etc. So it can get very busy on a shorter 5 night cruise but a little less hectic when we have been on longer cruises on Ovation.
  10. Being an older person at the reef pontoon I did the snorkelling following the ropes. A couple of observations, it took a while for me to get the courage to jump off the pontoon (deep water) with a lifejacket on and swim a short distance to start of the rope near the reef. There was considerable tidal movement when we were snorkelling and it was a couple of hours travelling there and a bit rough coming back. Saying that I’m glad to have visited the reef. But on another visit to Airlie, we did the Oceanrafting. A ship tour which is a shortened version of the usual tour. Lasted for a couple of hours and we swam or snorkelled off Hook Is and another island near Hayman Is. (swim noodles included). Enjoyed it immensely but you needed reef shoes at one spot.
  11. We made a booking for a guarantee room on Ovation. At the time it was a large price difference so we took a chance and this is what we ended up with - deck 13 with minimal high obstruction and overlying roof. It was not far from the stairs up to the Windjammer for a drink or snack and we found no noise from above.e
  12. We were on Ovation late November. The Kung Foo Panda Cafe was working as a fish/chips and burger cafe. There was a chalk board outside with the daily specials and costs! We didn’t bother as there was a similar range of food in the Windjammer, price included. All the original KF Panda decorations were still there at the time.
  13. megsie

    Albany and Broome

    Albany, when we were there, had free shuttles from the working port to the town centre although it was 4 years ago. When in the town centre, just in front of the ship’s shuttle drop off, we bought tickets for a minibus shuttle. The minibus we caught took us to the Anzac centre and also a drop off at the mounted soldier monument. It dropped us off at the Anzac centre, spend whatever time there and get another shuttle back. There was no cost to explore the walks and general area but a cost to enter the main building to see the exhibitions when we were there. Fabulous place, heart breaking to walk the hill up to where the locals farewelled the troops and reading all the information along the way, especially the letters sent home by the men. It might be wise to send an email to the local tourist information to see if shuttles or tours still run from the town centre.
  14. Here’s some info I found as we will be in Airlie Beach early in February on Explorer.
  15. megsie

    Embarkation Sydney

    You should have been given a check in time for Ovation. You can try to check in earlier but if it is very busy, the staff may only check in the current time slot first. Twice, when we have checked in for Ovation, it was chaotic. Once the computer system had problems and the other time everyone seemed to arrive at once and they would only check in the current time slot. But last time (November ‘18) we had the early time slot and it was smooth as. Our time slot was 11.30. Each time we were checked in by the mobile operators downstairs but I have heard they sometimes still use the upstairs check ins for Ovation. I think you should be ok arriving early but just have a secondary plan in case it’s really busy. Drop your bags off and then have a coffee, lunch or visit the markets if they’re on.