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  1. I don’t recall that anyone or NCL said early drydock was occurring.
  2. Check Trip Advisor, Blexie is the Winner! One of the best excursions we ever have done! Our guide, Laura, was very personable, knowledgeable and passionate.
  3. Did you go to the Cruise Critic Meet and Greet? Was wondering how well it was attended. Thanks!
  4. Miami Heat basketball right at Bayside! Let’s go Heat (next year)!
  5. We did the partial to Colon then an excursion on a much smaller vessel which took us through to the Pacific Ocean and returned by bus to Colon.
  6. I’ve not seen raw oysters on any NCL cruise. Although someone said they had it on seafood night in the buffet on a NCL cruise. When I did seafood night on Star there were no oysters but excellent sardines, salmon, shrimp, mussels, and lobster bisque with conch fritters. This was Westbound TA in 11/18.
  7. Stop in at a local spot before boarding!
  8. We believe CC gives about nothing over a regular veranda. When Aqua has a good price point the advantages are worth easily 100-200 over a veranda or CC. Everyone has an opinion and values.
  9. Star had a bad crankshaft we lost a stop at Madeira but spent an extra day in Barcelona. No compensation from NCL.
  10. Great review, appreciate the previous visits experience and tips. Still looking for the POA cruise at a decent price. Also concerned about the poor service from the all American staff, heard they all feel entitled. Likely be choosing another line for our Hawaii cruise.
  11. I always snorkel there with own gear including vest. I’ve always been told they require a vest. It is really not a great snorkeling area. They have made a small snorkeling trail with rock piles and statues but nothing spectacular. I usually go out through the pass and around the island. I’ve never seen much of anything on those trips. Two weeks ago the water was stirred up and visibility was about 5 feet.
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