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  1. No reason not to try it 🙂 If you are booking Azamara do it ASAP as RCL is selling the brand! "Sycamore Partners will acquire the entire Azamara brand, including its three-ship fleet and associated intellectual property. The transaction is expected to close in the first quarter of 2021".
  2. Here is the link where you can do it online. https://rclshareholderbenefit.questionpro.com/
  3. I'm new to Azamara hoping for a successful launch of our first cruise with them, a lift and shift due to a cancellation. I have however done multiple river cruises and my choice has been Uniworld too. Well thought out excursions with choices, excellent food and service. The major difference is less of a party when compared to Celebrity and more of an experience. Everything included on most cruises, small groups for the excursions. Many of the days the ship sailed I was riding a bike between the stops and waiting with a beer at a outside table overlooking the next tie up point while my wife cou
  4. I believe a lot of the hotels, airline and travel stocks have been severely beaten up during the pandemic. Once life returns to normal and people begin to travel there should be some gains on the ones that don't run out of money first. Not betting my retirement on RCL stock. Hoping we all stay healthy to enjoy each other's company on the next cruise.
  5. I'm booked on a Feb 2022 cruise. Used the link on line uploading the latest stock statement and saw the $250 OBC added in about 2 weeks. Sadly I bought the 100 shares at a much higher price before covid so a net loss. Was actually surprised I received the credit with the impending sale so suggest if you are eligible to apply soon.
  6. Trying to remain positive that our passion for travel can be satisfied in another year. I see 2021 being less likely as the vaccine roll out is less efficient as first projected. The additional concern is as long as a portion of the public refuses vaccinations that could be further extended. Even some health care workers are refusing to take it. Personally any risk of the vaccine is better than the risk of spending my senior years at home and missing traveling. Just have to wait it out and see and hope.
  7. Here in Los Angeles the virus is rampant and we are under a "stay at home" order. I am still allowed to meet clients and work. I heard an interesting interview on a financial website yesterday talking about ridiculously cheap flight prices. The interviewer then asked if the flight was free would they go and her answer was no. I am booked for a Europe cruise for Nov 2020 and NZ-Australia Feb 2021 and suspect neither will happen at the rate of control. I won't fly or cruise till I feel it is safe.
  8. Thank you. It appears then I might as well "let it ride" and make my decision before the final payment is due and determine then if we feel the pandemic is under control by then. Can't get excited about planning our pre and post cruise time along with tours after having done this for 2 vacations that didn't occur.
  9. I previously did a lift and shift from Sept 2020 to Oct 2021. Thinking of delaying again to the same itinerary offered Oct 2022. As the possibility of venues still being shut has anyone done a second lift and shift? It appears by this posted on Celebrity.com that isn't offered? Lift & Shift can only be made once and must be done by January 31, 2021. Bookings for 2021 sail dates may shift to 2022 sail dates as long as the decision is made by January 31, 2021.
  10. If you mean celebrity air I plan to contact them around March or April, 6 months before the trip. There is also some concerns that celebrity sells the constellation in which case we may choose a different trip.
  11. I’m on the cruise from Venice to Rome, oct 2021. Have never used celebrity air but after the fiasco cancelling the the trip that was to be sept 2020 like the safety of not getting stuck with flights. Our plans are to fly to Milan and do about 10 days touring Italy ourselves before heading to Venice. I have been waiting to book flights as still plenty of time and hoping better options for flight schedules as travel reopens. So same question. We want flights to Milan and not Venice where the cruise begins.
  12. Sadly the travel industry from the large corporations to those individuals that service us have been financially hurt through the pandemic Debt continues to be incurred with no income to offset it. Looking forward to a recovery for the world in 2021.
  13. The Pullmantur reorganization needs ships to sail. 2 of their ships are being scrapped at this time leaving just one. Celebrity was trying to sell their M class ships on the web for a price above scrap value. There was no demand hence no sale.
  14. In the past I have been planning my large trips a year in advance like many of us. I have always enjoyed doing the research on what I wished to see in ports long before my trip and rarely would be disappointed that I missed something to see or experience. I am realizing that I might in the future look to 90 days ahead and minimize the disappointment. 🙄
  15. My next cruise on Connie is still a long way off, Oct 2021. I have a tentative schedule which includes private guides, venues where a 6 months lead time is needed (prior pandemic), flights, etc. I only hope they publish their decision so that plans can be made. Predictions when sailing will begin due to Covid are based upon health of passengers and crew so will be determined as we control or eradicate the risk of spread. Cancelling due top the possibility of selling a ship just adds more uncertainty and frustration. I have 2 future cruises booked with the unknowns and some certainty would be
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