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  1. For my Azamara cruise I booked a different cabin but in the same category as my previous one was not available on the new cruise. I am waiting on a September 2020 cruise on Celebrity to Italy that I expect they will cancel. I won't pay the balance on that cruise due in June as I want to limit the amount of dollars RCL Corp has and be one of the unsecured creditors. Transferring to a later date might be my next best solution on that one.
  2. I just took this from the Azamara website. When I contacted a big box store that has a travel dept the rep wasn't aware but then when she called Azamara she found out they were doing it. There appear to be a few exceptions but it worked for me. "Same Cruise, Same Price , Next Year"
  3. I just shifted my Australia/New Zealand Cruise from Feb 2021 to Feb 2022. The boat will be the Journey instead of the Pursuit. Slight extra fee for taxes but otherwise the same. I did note that the ship seems to be almost full for a cruise that is in 21 months so I suspect others have done the same.
  4. My doctor that I sent the Celebrity health letter was uncomfortable of the liability of signing. I'm 70 and feel I'm in excellent health with meds controlling blood pressure and cholesterol. I can't however with what I know today see myself getting on a cruise, go to the theater or a sit down restaurant till a vaccine is available. The risk is too high.
  5. My doctor was not comfortable about completing the over 70 health form due to his liability and not my health. I suspect some doctors might take the risk with a waiver of personal liability. Personally I am not interested in cruising till a vaccine becomes available to maintain my health and will cancel unless a miracle vaccine is available sooner than is expected.
  6. September 2020 in Italy. Hoping for the miracle vaccination. Without I believe the risk is too high. Final payment is due in June.
  7. I'm sailing in September from Venice and am 70 and in good health. Didn't receive any notice from celebrity but happened to see the letter on a travel agent site. It appears it might be for the near term. Personally I don't have an issue with it. Did a Celebrity trip a few years ago and we didn't make it around Tierra del Fuego as someone was having a cardiac issue so the ship redirected to a port. The right decision however I heard afterwards the individual was having constant issues before he started the cruise and should never have sailed. The most ridiculous part is you could complete the letter yourself and sign it as there seems to be no proof of a medical license required. Perhaps RCLs insurance provider want this to CYA?
  8. Made the request on line Monday for a celebrity cruise and an azamara cruise for stocks unfortunately bought mid Feb for $110/share. Received confirmation for both on Friday. Results were $350 in OBC and a $5000 short term loss on the stock. Don't take my suggestions for market timing 🤐
  9. I filed for the credit for a Celebrity and Azamara cruise on line on Monday and received confirmation of both today. Unfortunately my purchase of RCL mid Feb was twice the current value of the stocks. I would expect them to slowly recover once the travel industry is back to normal.
  10. Glad no one asked about what the popcorn is buttered with 🤢
  11. What you consume in your room is without a charge. You can pour and walk through the ship with your glass. Corkage is charged on bottles brought to the restaurant. A very generous policy in my opinion.
  12. Celebrity was adding it on top of the package several months ago but has stopped doing that. The package now includes gratuities. In the event you buy something more expensive than the package allows you pay the difference and an 18% gratuity on that additional increment.
  13. I of course understood that corkage is not added to bottles bought on the ship. $10 corkage is definitely a deal. I have a wine cellar and have been paying as much as $30 corkage at some of the local restaurants. Will pack a 6 bottle cloth carrier with me on our trip.
  14. What do they charge for corkage in the dining room? We are going on our first Azamara cruise but are Celebrity regulars. Have in the past been buying bottles at dinner and haven't taken advantage of their drink packages as we aren't day drinkers. Celebrity only allows 2 bottles per stateroom brought at the beginning of the cruise.
  15. If you want to do something very special http://yquem.fr/int-en/ . The quickest way to get from Bordeaux to Château d'Yquem is to train and taxi which costs 25€ - 40€ and takes 33 min.
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