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  1. I planned to rest first day and then rent a car for 3 more days before boarding my cruise. Here is the itinerary I worked up including estimated times . Day 1 8:30 Reykjavik pick up car rental at Blue in Reykjavic 9:15 Arrive at Þingvellir 11:15 Depart Þingvellir 12:15 Arrive at Geyser Parking Lot 13:15 Depart Geyser for Gullfoss 13:30 Arrive at Gullfoss 14:40 Depart Gullfoss for Kerið Crater 15:40 Depart Kerið Crater to Vik 17:40 Hotel in Vik Day 2 9:00 visit Reynisfjana Beach and Halsanef 10:00 Depart for Jokulsarlon and Diamond Beach 12:15 Arrive at Jokulsarlon Sjónarnípa Trail 2-3 hour hike (Near Kaffatel Visitor Centet 17:00 Check in hotel near Skatafell Day 3 9:00 3 hour hike on Skatafell Glacier Return to Hotel Day 4 Drive back to Reykjavik and board cruise
  2. https://airportdirect.is/blue-lagoon-transfer seems to be an alternative
  3. Booked on the Azamara Pursuit and our stop in St Petersburg is Aug 28-30, 2022. Getting tired and frustrated of cancelling cruises but remaining healthy.
  4. Same problem for me. Others have also reported the site glitchy. My favorite search site is https://matrix.itasoftware.com/ which I believe is now owned by Google. I just learned that it is also prudent when you ae doing your return trip from a different country to do the search as 2 one-way trips as well as a multiple stop trip. Some choices came up for me that were more economical as a separate one-way to the cruise and one for the return home .
  5. Anyone have seen a similar issue. I found flights that work on skyscanner which include booking oneway tickets on Icelandic Air for flights over and Westjet for flights home. I have a back to back cruise booked on the Azamara Pursuit beginning in Iceland. At end of 2nd cruise we plan to travel from Amsterdam to Paris on the bullet train before heading home. In trying to search on ChoiceAir the following message comes up "not eligible - Back to Back Booking Type."
  6. I also use a CPAP and have wasted time on overseas trips hunting for distilled water. In the states it is everywhere. I have learned it can be found in hardware stores and gas stations (used for topping off batteries). I have since been told that bottled drinking water can be used and wash your tank out with vinegar when you get home. As I wasn't aware of a recall and wasn't notified by Philips I am posting the following link Philips CPAP Recall . If you use one of the Philips CPAPs contact your pneumologist.
  7. https://www.azamara.com/plan/back-to-back-voyages I’m also new. I already have 2 $400 OBCs showing at n my account.
  8. The bottom of this link says yes! https://www.azamara.com/loyalty/azamara-circle/member-benefits
  9. We don't drink much hard alcohol but enjoy nice wines. Does anyone have a wine list with bottle prices from a previous cruise? I note that the wines per glass included in the ultimate package are not what I would consider premium wines so might not spend for an upgraded package. These are prices of the wines per bottle shown on the Azamara Ultimate package Prices are readily available in California Chardonnay Kendall Jackson Vintner Reserve $12/750ml Cabernet Sauvignon Kendall Jackson Vintners Reserve $17/750ml Beaujolais Villages Georges Duboeuf $12/750ml
  10. Perhaps these notes might be of help in making your trip even more special. Venice is a wonderful place to visit so get there a few days early. Very near the port and train station is Hotel Olimpia, 395 Fondamenta delle Burchielle, Santa Croce, Venezia. Buy a travel card for the Vaporetto and visit the outer Venice Islands, Burano and Murano. One vaporetto line runs from Venice to Burano: the 12. Vaporetto line 3 goes from Piazzale Roma direct to a number of stops on Murano. Line 12 goes from the Faro stop on Murano to Burano.
  11. If you moved from the beach wine country was a good 2nd choice.
  12. I'm ready for the real thing. Can't wait to sail. Enough of living virtually.
  13. Thank you. I never cut it that close. Just trying to determine how much time we might have to tour. Glad they have figured out a better way to shorten the lines for the new passengers boarding and allow those continuing on more time in town.
  14. We will be ending a cruise in Copenhagen arriving at 7AM and starting the second cruise departing 5PM on same day, same ship & same room #. Would like as much time as possible to spend in the city. Do you have to go through the registration process a second time or just get to the ship 30 minutes before they leave? I am a newbie on Azamara so don't know their process.
  15. The birthdate is a quite a few year before. I’m just a very active senior
  16. Mine is not nearly as creative but between golf trips, wine tasting trips, driving trips, cruising trips it made sense. The numbers are simply my zipcode. Unfortunately we have been tethered to our home due to the pandemic for too long. Now if we can just stop having trips cancelled on us so we can get back to our passion of visiting new places around the globe.
  17. Still on the feb cruise. Haven’t bought air as lost dollars with British Air. Don’t ask and don’t fly them! Will be contacting my TA soon to change if Australia doesn’t loosen up.
  18. I’m on the feb 5, 2022 nz/aus cruise. Holding out hoping for cruising still. Why doesn’t Azamara cancel and use the ship elsewhere instead of risking losing the income?
  19. I'm booked for New Zealand/Australia on Azamara in Feb 2022. No news yet and the website still has the cruise listed for new reservations. It is a given that it is unlikely to occur.
  20. Prime minister says no visitors. 90 second video. Hope they change their mind but expect cruise lines l need to make decisions soon and deploy their ships where they are welcome. https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/australia-sticks-by-plan-re-open-border-mid-2022-2021-05-16/
  21. Why was the couple allowed to board the bus in the first place? It is not the cruise company responsibility to read the requirements of an excursion to the passenger. When did taking personal responsibility for our poor decisions become irrelevant?
  22. My belief is as long as I maintain my physical activity I hope to be going strong for many more years. My mother is 93 and teaches line dancing at a senior center. I’m fine with going with off ship excursions so that I can bike, hike, swim and fully enjoy my future cruises. As my cruise since the pandemic shut down is not till feb 2022 I’ll wait and see what the policy is before making further decisions.
  23. My experience is the same so the problem seems to be how to access what an individual is capable of without discriminating based upon chronological age recognizing that some individuals are not realistic on their conditioning and capabilities. . On the river cruises I have been on they have done a very good job of providing different levels so that the fast group moves very well. Is seems there when multiple options are offered people are more likely to enjoy their excursion at their personal capability.
  24. I’m 71 now and didn’t know I went from a very active healthy adult to a wheel chair on my 70th. I was booked on a Italy cruise which was cancelled that I had planned to celebrate my 70th so it appears o didn’t know I became old in a 24 hour period. Happy to provide a doctors note, sign waiver, drop and do push-ups, have them check my blood pressure, etc to prove I’m not at risk. No issue taking non-ship excursions if they are allowed which appears questionable. Most people who know me think I’m 10 years younger then I am and in good condition. I also agree that a clear description of the excursion physical requirements needs to be given. It is not the cruise line or excursion contractors responsibility to babysit someone who misrepresents their abilities
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