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  1. Hello! My husband and I and two children will be sailing on the NCL Sky this August. I was wondering if anyone had more details or pictures of what a "Family Oceanview Picture Window" for 4 people looks like? Additionally, so more information about the kids programs onboard? Thank you in advance! [B] [/B]
  2. Chowder_17

    Alcohol Policy and Drink Prices (US $)

    Thank you! Suck you can't bring wine on like Carnival, but the prices are cheaper, so that's a plus!
  3. Hello! My husband and I will be taking our 1st MSC cruise in November for Shiprocked 2012. I've looked over the MSC website and I cannot find what the policy is on bringing alcohol on-board. Also, what are the typical drink prices in US dollars? Thanks!
  4. Chowder_17

    MSC Poesia Shiprocked 2012

    Well, we officially booked yesterday! Cat 7 balcony. Hopefully, we can get an AFT balcony.
  5. Chowder_17

    MSC Poesia Shiprocked 2012

    [quote name='Travel57']My girlfriend and I are booked on this cruise as well as the 10 day cruise following it. I sailed B2B last year on the Poesia and one of the cruises was Shiprocked. I had an amazing time and I was not even sailing as a Shiprocked passenger. Will be doing the same this year. The eclectic mix of passengers was great fun. The band members were very friendly and in interacted with everyone on the ship even if they were not part of the Shiprocked group. One of my tablemates was a woman in her 90's and Josh the lead singer for Buckcherry got out on the dance floor with her one night in the Zebra lounge. I enjoyed listening to a few of the bands that played concerts outside on the pool deck. All of the indoor concerts are for Shiprocked passengers only and a lammie is needed to gain entrance. The theme cruise does not interfere with regular shows or evening activities. One lounge is unavailable to us, but I never even noticed. MSC is one of my favorite cruise lines. After this cruise I will have spent 62 days onboard MSC ships. Can't wait to become a black card member of the MSC club! Cindy[/quote] It was my understanding that this was a full charter cruise and the pre-booking just started today.....How did you book already? The rest of us can book on March 10th.
  6. Chowder_17

    MSC Poesia Shiprocked 2012

    My husband and I are going to be going on this cruise!!!! This is also our first cruise with MSC. Anyone else joining us?
  7. Chowder_17

    Military cruisers?

    ADGuyMG is correct! They're good to go, but just have to send in their documentation.
  8. We just got back from our cruise last month and I don't remember whether or not there was a coupon code in our cabin. Does anyone have a recent coupon code? Thanks!
  9. Chowder_17

    A "SENSATION"AL Review: Dec 18-22nd

    The next morning we left the base and headed to the return center at Cape Canaveral. We could see the ships from the rental place! They were running three shuttles/vans from the rental place to the port, so we only had to wait about 2 min for the shuttle (they are free by the way, but we gave a small tip to the driver) We arrived to the port around 10:15 or so (the driver drops those off with Carnival last, based on how the port is set up). We gave our bags to the porter (by the way, there is a sign that says that they are salaried and tips are not mandatory, but we gave a small one anyways). We were going to get ready to check in, but I realized that I left my folder with my boarding passes and other papers on a bench outside the Hertz! I was able to get in touch with them and thankfully the driver on the next shuttle brought it to us. I am forever grateful. There was a very short wait to go through security and there were no issues with our bag. We had to wait a little bit to get our S&S cards, since there were only a few people checking everyone in. We gave them our ID info, they gave us our S&S card (gold this time :D), and we were given Zone 5 to board. We already paid our on-board credit in advance via the online certificate program. We went and sat in the chairs and one of the Carnival representatives gave a speech about the ship, boarding procedures, and some statistics. Around 11:15 or so they started to board everyone, which included two weddings that day (both military :) ). Boarding went by quickly and our zone was called by 11:30 or so. We boarded on Deck 7 and we headed up to the Lido for lunch. There was barely anyone there and I got to be the 1st of the day for Mongolian. It was great! By the time we finished lunch, there were a lot more people on the ship and the lunch lines were starting to get long. We headed outside to the Serenity area and grabbed a DOD, which was the "Funship Special". In port that day, was the Disney Dream and I believe it was Explorer of the Seas. Right below our ship, we got to see several manatees and a sea turtle! We headed to our stateroom at 1:30PM, which was an Aft balcony. It was a great room and a much bigger balcony than our last one. We got our 1st bag around 2 or so, the other didn't come until after we set sail. We were in muster group E, which met inside in the Plaza lounge. It did take a while for everyone to show up. After our safety briefing we headed outside by the lifeboats and we finished up around 3:55 (5 min before push off). Afterward, with a bucket of beers, we head to the deck that has the whale tail on it. We were the first of the three ships to leave. Sail away was a lot of fun and they had party music playing. We had anytime dinning and headed there when they opened at 5:45PM, there was a decent line by the time we got there. It seems like they changed it up the last time we sailed. Last time they asked us if we would like a table to ourselves or to sit with other people. This time they automatically just gave up a table for our group, which was totally fine with us. Do note, that the tables are super close together. Food was great! Later that night, we went and played bingo in the lounge before the welcome aboard show. Didn't win :( At the show, they had the dancers and two comedians perform. Right after that show, we headed to the Punchliner comedy club for the adult show. In that club, they have their own bar menu and I highly recommend the "Punchliner" drink, which is the same as a long island ice tea, except for blue curacao added. The adult show was very funny! Afterward, we headed to bed for arriving in Freeport the next morning!
  10. Chowder_17

    A "SENSATION"AL Review: Dec 18-22nd

    We drove across country for Christmas and our children were left with their grandparents. We flew on Delta from Cleveland (lay over in ATL) to Melbourne the day prior on the 17th. For some reason, flying into Melbourne was significantly cheaper than Orlando. The airport is super small too; I believe there were around 7 gates only. We decided to do a one-way rental from the airport and we were going to return is at Cape Canaveral the next day. We ended up getting a Corolla for $50 (including taxes) from Hertz. Even though it was “rush hour” time, traffic was super light and most likely a lot easier than trying to deal with Orlando. We stayed on Patrick Air Force Base (about a 15min drive) for $34 a night. I highly recommend those with military affiliation to stay there! For dinner than night we at a Grill's (http://www.grillsseafood.com/) which was probably some of the best food I've had. We pick up some wine and energy drinks from the Class Six and we were set to go!
  11. My husband and I just went on our 2nd cruise with Carnival prior to Christmas and since I rarely see reviews of the short cruises, I figured I would try to give an in-depth review. Especially, since so many 1st time cruisers take short cruises. I will give an overview in this post and then I will create a separate post for each day to make it easier. Background: As mentioned this is our 2nd cruise together, we are both in our mid/late 20's, and we were cruising without our children. Overview: We definitely noticed a difference in this short cruise versus the longer cruise we took last year. There were a lot more children (nearly 45%- 850 kids), which probably had more to do with Christmas break, there were a ton of 1st time cruiser and a bit more lax on elegant night. Nothing really negative, just different. We absolutely loved the ship! The lay out was fairly easy, the Serenity area was awesome, and waterworks was a blast! We would love to do another short cruise like this again and perhaps bring the kids along. Please look for a more detailed review in the coming posts!
  12. Chowder_17

    "Hot" tubs

    You traveled in May and just posted this yesteday???
  13. Chowder_17

    Military rate via Fare Viewer

    Awesome!!! This makes me really happy! :D
  14. Chowder_17

    Earliest flight

    [quote name='travelinteach']What is the absolute earliest flight I could take. Coming into the Port of Miami and flying out of Fort Lauderdale.[/quote] From the Carnival Site: Miami - earliest return flight after 11:30 AM for Miami; 12:00 PM for Ft. Lauderdale [URL]http://www.carnival.com/core/faq.aspx?icid=CC_Header_466#q-544915[/URL]
  15. Chowder_17

    Sensation Info

    I tried looking through John Heald's Blog for the Funtimes for the 4 day Sensation cruise, but the page he was link is a big mess. Does anyone have them off hand? How about the menu's? Anything thing else fun I need to know about the ship or the ports (Freeport/Nassau)? Thanks!!