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  1. Is the move due to the need for quarantine cabins? From what I have read elsewhere if you book saver direct with P&O then they will move you to any grade in the category you booked.
  2. It's not P&O, it's MSC who don't appear to have followed their own health protocols
  3. Cabin stewards have been working in the mdrs in the evening, wearing grey shirts and are clearing tables, so yes it's cost cutting.
  4. You are welcome. The people in isolation have been told they wil stay on till Southampton, I hope they can.
  5. We are not allowed to mention other sites on here, but it is the book of visages.
  6. Apparently they are waiting for the new call centre staff to be fully trained.
  7. In the thread on face ache the lady says this was last week on an Intercruises coach
  8. Now, more information is appearing. The information regarding Intercrusies might not be accurate as it appears the passengers sent home from Ventura last week were on an Intercrusies coach. A passenger is saying that social distancing was inadequate, the coach was full, the driver and some passengers did not wear a mask. If it were me I'd drive or use the train, even though having been on a train today full of non mask wearers, coughing and so full people had to stand you won't get turned away at the port. Trains are quiet during the week but heaving on Saturdays.
  9. There are reports that 2 other couples were removed at the same time. Also 12 people removed from a Marella crusie a coup,eof weeks ago.
  10. You are correct in that PHE insisted that people travelling on the same coach as the person who tested positive had to leave the ship and return home by taxi at the cruise line's expense. I am not sure if this was an Intercruises coach but I did read today that as if Intercruises is part of the Cunard package then that rule does not apply. To verify that I think it will be worthwhile asking Cunard.
  11. We are in a similar position but our TA is not being awkward-Cunard is. They say by the time we get our refund it will be time to pay again. I am very annoyed with Cunard as they seem to have delayed the announcement till the last possible minute. They could have at least given us a bit of obc . After all we are helping them out by leaving our funds with them. Has anyone had any luck getting Cunard to be a bit more accommodating?
  12. If you have to return home if someone on your coach tests positive so far P&O have paid for taxis.
  13. We had our cabin confirmed 5 days prior to sailing in August. Our TA's management had to speak to P&O to get it sorted as there were quite a few of us in the same position. I got very stressed about it, but it was ok in the end and we got the grade we had booked on a saver fare.
  14. Cathygh

    Covid ??

    I believe that was at the insistence of the Cadiz authorities and that it was the only Spanish port to do that. As for whether off loading passengers from Cunard/P&O is the official policy we won't know for sure until more Covid cases are reported on board. The thread entitled Covid on Iona on the P&O board is worth a read. The original information came from the postings of the couple who were offloaded, on the book of faces and I am hoping they can provide an update soon.
  15. I have been checking that website regularly but the info I am looking for (May half term 2023) isn't there yet. Hopefully won't be too long!
  16. Thanks Graham, it's worth considering Cathy
  17. So do you walk to the terminal from West Quay? Thanks
  18. Just a quick update. It has been reported elsewhere that currently Cadiz is the only Spanish port insisting that pax with Covid and their companions are quarantined in Cadiz. That certainly gives me some reassurance for my next cruise( not to Cadiz) that if I test positive on board I can stay in an isolation cabin (with the proviso that I don't become so ill I need to be hospitalised)
  19. Elsewhere I have found this https://www.healthygateways.eu/Portals/0/plcdocs/EU_HEALTHY_GATEWAYS_COVID-19_RESTARTING_CRUISES_2021_17_9_2021.pdf?ver=2021-09-17-131416-843 The protocols for managing covid on board is around page 45. NB this if for EU countries. Great bedtime reading.
  20. They don't know, but it could have been anywhere and they had been on and off the ship during the cruise. The first symptom was a runny nose, and of course in the UK we are not advised to get tested for a runny nose, even though it is acommon sympton of the delata variant.
  21. I am sorry to say that it has been reported elsewhere that a passenger has tested positive on Iona. A test was taken in Cadiz- this had to be done prior to leaving the ship in Lisbon 48 hrs in advance as required by the Portuguese authorities. Both the antigen test and pcr were positive. The authorities in Cadiz insisted the passenger and his wife leave the ship and go into a quarantine hotel outside Cadiz in separate rooms. I hope the passenger makes a speedy recovery and that they can return home soon. P&O had no say in this matter and had to follow the instructions given by the Spanish authorities.
  22. Just be aware that sometimes the box does not always turn from grey at 21 days, but if it gets to 10 days start to nag your agent. We had to wait till 5 days beforehand.
  23. Thank you. I didn't cruise that far back but my cruising history like everyone else's has disapeared from the P&O site. It shows my loyalty points but I have no means of checking its accuracy. @molecrochip is this a glitch in the system? I's been like that since July. TIA
  24. You can access it from the terminal building, follow the instructions posted above
  25. We usually book saver, but by specifying a minimum grade we have -so far- managed to avoid the worst positioned cabins. I did see the deck 8 balcony cabins on Iona, but the cabins at the front on deck 8, the so called family suites - extra space, suite prices but not even a balcony, are even worse. I would hate to get one of those.
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