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  1. Its not erupting at the moment. There isn’t any lava to see
  2. Unfortunately not happening. They just cancelled Kona. 😞
  3. I had the opposite experience earlier in the day. The lady in front of me didn’t have her ID but husband did. The security guard would now let them go & held up the line for quite some time which was fine with me he was doing his job. There was also another gentlemen that had stepped aside & was waiting for someone to come back from the ship with his ID. The lady said that she hadn’t had it yesterday & the ship hadn’t told her she needed it! When I came back yesterday they were checking ID also so she must have gotten thru without. There are signs posted that you need picture ID. Frankly I would not leave the ship without my picture ID for a myriad of reasons.
  4. Just a quick update for those following along. We are anchored off Kona & they have dropped one of the tenders & platforms but at the moment conditions are not favorable for tendering. Imagine that.
  5. Yes we finally departed about an hour ago from Honolulu. Headed to Kona. On Sunday it rained pretty good most of the morning but around 1100 it stopped except for one short shower later in the day. The wind however was a different story altogether. I walked back from Ala Moana to the ship in the early afternoon the headwinds were intense, to the point that several times I had to grab ahold of a street sign to keep from being blown into the street. Today though was beautiful weather a little breezy but nothing like Sunday. There were a few tree limbs & lots of leaves scattered about downtown but I didn’t see anything major.
  6. Wow! Congrats! Nice prize package, despite the ugly shirt. 😉
  7. I was so pissed off about that shopping presentation. I wished afterwards that I had just walked in got the maps & left. I even double checked the title of the presentation...nope didn’t say anything about shopping onboard! So the lady, Estee, then had to speed thru her presentation about the ports because he had taken 30 minutes of the time & they had to get done quickly so that everybody could go to the ribbon cutting for the shops. Omg! Quite frankly even if she hadn’t sped thru it, you didn’t miss anything. It was the typical Maui divers jewelry store, Cariloha, Hilo Hattie & Del Sol in every single port. Stupid me wasted my time for that!
  8. Just had to sign in again to post this comment. I tried to post a new topic in the Hawaii thread a few days ago & it ended up in Columbia? WTH? Tried to fix it & couldn’t for the life of me even figure out how to delete. I’m not computer ignorant I just can’t figure this site out anymore!
  9. Does anyone know who the tour provider for the Molokini Crater & Turtle snorkel by Zodiac thru Holland America is?
  10. I saw the pic too it was from the Eurodam I asked a question about it but never got an answer.
  11. You can buy fizzy tablets made specifically for reusable bottles on Amazon. But the denture tablets are probably cheaper & much more readily available ie $tree, Walmart
  12. I have had several of the staff in the lido fill my bottle for me from their pitcher of water after watching me fill it with a glass numerous times. I have a wide mouth reusable bottle which could be easily filled without touching the water spout from the “machine” but there would be I’m sure some freak out from some other passenger despite the fact that irregardless of the posted signage I’ve seen other passengers refill a plastic “single use” bottle directly from the spout.
  13. That’s what I wondered if there was a “discount” but I had never seen that...of course I don’t drink soda so wouldn’t help me. But I do like that idea of not having to worry about slips. Although I have gotten lax about checking everything. When I first started cruising I looked at everything but lately not so much.
  14. Ohhh that all makes sense! Thanks! Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing out on something. 😉
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