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  1. Hoping for some input, we normally sail on NCL, haven’t been on Royal in many years... We are traveling on the Empress of the Seas over spring break with our teens. It was actually less to book 2 cabins than 1 with 4 of us. The kids will be across from us in an inside. Will our key cards open their cabin and vice versa? If not, can additional cards be made so we all have access? thanks for your help!
  2. Great review! Thank you. So nice to hear so much that is positive! What do you recommend at Le Bistro? How was the tendering in Grand Cayman? On the Getaway FB page there was a post about your trip and issues with information being relayed about Grand Cayman. It was a complaint based post so in was indiscernible what actually took place. Would love your feedback. We sail in a few weeks on the 9 night and trying to plan. ‘thanks for your help! So glad you had a great vacation.
  3. Op- best of luck with your cruise. To actually answer your question- if you cancel the reservation or change the number of guests on it 24 hrs before, you will not be charged and the others in the group will not be charged. If you have a specialty reserved for the first night of the cruise, I would address that sooner rather than later by calling before you leave. The rest you can deal with as they arise. It is Freestyle after all and people do change their minds while on vacation. This is the very concept of NCL, so don’t feel bad. As for the reservation you made for the non English
  4. I love the mini suites on the Jewel class ships. The balcony is large enough for a lounger. Order coffee and pastries as your wake up call and enjoy on the balcony. The champagne bar is always fun on these ships. We loved band-eoke on the Jade. The bartenders and waitstaff are so talented. ‘Don’t miss Le Bistro. It’s so romantic on this ship. ‘’enjoy your trip!
  5. In the past, we have been able to ‘upgrade’ to 2 cabins for very little. I would call. Just my 2 cents.
  6. OP- wondering about your stop in Roatan.... did you dock or tender? Were there other ships in port with you at Coxen? TIA
  7. Call NCL and see how much it would be to move 2 of the guests to an inside.
  8. We were in an OV on the spirit on deck 5 forward a few years ago. I would never book one of these cabins again. And, I’m pretty easy going about cabin location. We had rough seas and boy did you know it! And, absolutely we could hear the anchor. Have a wonderful trip. The spirit is an amazing ship. We would sail her again in a NY minute.
  9. I would bid or upgrade to a mini on any of the Jewel Class ships. The mini is much better real estate. The cabin itself is wider and more comfortable and the balcony is infinitely better. You can fit a lounger! Highly recommend. Happy cruising.
  10. Thank you for your review! It really helps with planning. Wondering about Roatan- how many ships were in port the day you were there and whether or not you tendered? Thanks for you input.
  11. OP I would call the number on the back of the card. Hopefully, you still have it. Right on the front of the gift card it says funds do not expire. If funds expire before the expiration date, that is a misleading practice in my opinion. I would escalate if it were my gc. Good luck!
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