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  1. Does anyone have the menu specifically for Princess? Also, does anyone know if the cabin doors are metal on Caribbean Princess? I have a door decoration so I’d like to know if magnet will work for that. Thanks!
  2. We are going on Caribbean Princess in a week and I would love to see a cocktail/drink menu. Can anyone help?
  3. Does anyone have a list of prices or a cocktail menu for Caribbean Princess??
  4. Where is a good place to get a cutout to put on my cabin door? Something like a flip flop, etc.
  5. Hi— I’m confused lookin at all the bags out there. I’m 62 and don’t like to carry a backpack on my back. Any ideas for me? It’s just me /hubby.
  6. We have a part of 6 in October. The price she gave me for private tour for our group was $75. It was $65 if we wanted to join a group of other people. KS
  7. I am looking for excursions in these 2 ports as well, Coming up 10/18. Kim
  8. FloridaPenny. Did you get any replies?
  9. Is this still an active thread?I need suggestions for Ft Lauderdale hotels that allow parking while on cruise.
  10. We are thinking about booking a 7-night cruise to Bermuda, but we are docked in Bermuda for 3 days. Is there really enough to do there to occupy us for 3 whole days? We won't be traveling with any children. KS
  11. It is too early to book a drink package for our upcoming cruise, but could someone please explain what the alcohol drink package costs, and what it consists of? PLEASE. My husband drinks beer and I usually drink something like a margarita, amaretto sour, etc. KH
  12. What excursion is that?
  13. Maybe I could ask you for some suggestions. We are a party of 6 (3 couples, one of which is our 85-year old parents) staying at the Marriott Renaissance. We need transportation for 6 ppl plus prob 12 bags from airport to the hotel; from hotel to pier; and return from pier to airport and then we have about 4 hours to kill in Seattle. So we need something easy for my parents to do without hauling their luggage very far.
  14. Lots of good info in this board.THANKS! We are coming in to go on a cruise and need some help planning transportation. There are 6 of us including my 85-year old parents. We are staying at the Renaissance, on Madison I think. (1) We need to get from airport to hotel with all our baggage; (2) from hotel to the pier the next day, and (3) from pier to airport to check baggage and then we'll have at least 4 hours to kill. Ideas?
  15. Does anyone know if there are certain days that are better for spa treatments, such as mani/pedi? I see that the going rate for a pedicure is about $60, with no discounts.
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