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  1. James and Dan, you make great points. I think the most important issue with HAL right now is they have just "lost their way". Princess and Norwegian have gone through the same issues in the recent past of trying to figure out how to get back in the game . I love HAL. I dont care for "of the seas" masses or the "away" rowdy crowds . I just want my HAL to stop cutting. I think middle class America is willing to pay for the old HAL experience. If anyone remembers Chandress cruises or the very early Celebrity days. Their ships were nothing to gawk at and neither was their entertainment, but the food and service were knock outs, thus Celebrity took off with growth and market share. People will pay for quality. Did anyone ever sail on the Brittanis or Meridian with Chandress?? You would understand my points here.
  2. imagine if this would have been written in the Wall Street Journal instead of Cruise Critic message boards. whew, glad my portfolio does not include certain types of stock.
  3. This was meant as a light hearted thread to discuss issues with Holland America and never meant to serve as a financial critique. However, if you are selling cabins at $350 or less and you are not sailing at 100% capacity, I would imagine that you are facing some serious negative cash flow issues.
  4. A shipping tycoon approaches you and states that he has a cruise line that is a drag on his company stock because of poor performance. He solicites you to "fix" the problem. What changes would you make or what initiatives would you implement to turn the problem around ? I would - - listen to staff, what is making them unhappy? unhappy staff = unhappy customers - reinstate crew passenger ratios to those of the 1990s - get away from the garbage branding association with "top chefs". - HAL food was 100% better before chef branding - cut about 400 berths from the new Konsingdam - hold townhall meetings with 3 and 4 star Mariners to seek input from my loyalists what...??? I am hired Mr Arison??? I won't let you down. welcome back to the Great Holland America Line.
  5. I am a 40s something cruiser. Started cruising with HAL in 1990s .....in my 20s. HAL appealed to me in those age brackets. HAL had a niche in the market due to the things that I stated in my original post above. The problem is that they have lost their way. HAL will never be able to compete with RCI and Carnival for the younger and family demographic. Furthermore, Their current track does not appeal to either the younger or their "bread & butter" older crowd. The sailing that I wrote about for this thread was discounted so heavily - outside cabins $350, veranda $580. I was worried that the ship would be heavily booked with a budget, par-Tay crowd. Guess what, that wasn't the case at all. Even at those steep discounts they still could not fill the ship.
  6. Hi all, Just now home from the first western Caribbean sailing of the season for Nieuw Amsterdam. Let me start by saying- the ship is immaculate. I was on this ship for her inaugural year and now 5 years later , she is still a beauty. I looked hard for wear and tear and found very little. Now for the not so good -- Is HAL loosing its way? I don't get it!! I love HAL for some of the following reasons: great passenger space ratios, civilized, elegant atmosphere and great cabins. Those qualities are still evident ; however, the edges are crumbling quickly around these great qualities. I love HAL ships, but face it, these are not wow factor ships. HAL ships cannot compete with the more recent builds; therefore, HAL should rely on some core qualities to over come that problem. Service, food quality and overall experience should be knock out spectacular..... Well , they ARE NOT!!! Cuts in crew numbers, food quality and cuts in on board programs are shocking in my opinion. The waiters are rushed in the dining room. Room stewards do a poor job on cabins because of workload demands. The food was ....okay. Some hits, but many misses. Even the Lido deck BBQ has been scaled way back.... I was saddened by these things. The ship was so heavily discounted in price and they still did not sail out at full capacity. HAL, I hope you are listening. The current path you are headed down is not a good one. I am a 2 star mariner. Will I sail with HAL again?? Yes, of course I will. Am I worried that HAL is in jeopardy of loosing my cruise dollars?? Yes, of course I am. You must fix this idea of .......cutting in order to gain. No business in the U.S. has survived with that business model. By the way , if you are looking to book on Koningsdam, check out the passenger space ratio, this is not going to be a traditional HAL experience........ Signed - concerned and worried for HAL and it's great staff
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