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  1. So, I just want to be clear on this. My husband and I bought the 4 device surf package for the week. We will each be bringing 3 devices, though. Each of us has a iPhone, an iPad and a laptop. As long as no more than 4 devices are used at any given time, we can switch off between all 6 devices? Thanks.
  2. I just looked at my C&A info, and it shows cruises back from 2000. That might be when we joined C&A.
  3. We are going with our synagogue group and we're doing Terezin.
  4. We are a group of 54 people that are booked on Viking Gullveig leaving Nuremberg on Oct 20, sailing to Budapest. I'm concerned about the water level on the Danube now. If you are supposed to go in the next week or two, has Viking said anything about canceling or having to bus you? I understand if you have to be bused, they will give you a voucher for percentage off on future cruise. But there are some in our group for whom this is a once in a lifetime trip, and won't be able to do a trip like this in the future. And being bused takes away the experience of sailing on the river, not to mention the headache of not being able to unpack for a week.
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