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  1. Difficult situation but at the end of the day it is your money. If it was me I would wait till the end of next week and then give Amex a ring and explain the situation including the fact that you don’t want to penalise the TA. Are you sure the TA are not in financial trouble, so many are going in to liquidation.
  2. Did you pay with credit card? Could they chase it for you if paid with card.
  3. Excellent, have managed to pay cheque in with app. Was really easy to do once camera worked. Found placing it on black t-shirt did the trick and holding it further away.
  4. Extraordinary time for you both. Pleased to read you are fully recovered now and looking forward to your next cruise hopefully June. We all look forward to our holidays after years of working hard. Really is Sod’s law that when we should be having fun we are stuck indoors with all this worrying. Let’s hope happier times are ahead and this Coronavirus is banished to history. Just tried to pay in cheque with bank app and no luck. I just couldn’t get the photo right, possibly because of large size of cheque. In the end it just completely confused camera and refused to take photo.
  5. Oh dear, you have had some bad luck. Sorry to hear about it. Hope your cataract surgery goes well, friends of ours have had this operation and they are both really pleased with the results. We will not be going abroad anymore which is why we took the refund. I am 71 and my OH is 81 so insurance will be an expensive nightmare. Even if Saga were to insure us inclusively for free it would not cover pandemics, so too much of a risk for us to take. We have visited Sinah Warren Hotel in Hayling Island several times and love it there so when they re-open we will probably spend more time with th
  6. Good news, the cheque came through door this morning. Will pay it in tomorrow using the bank app. Hope evryone else waiting receives theirs soon too.
  7. No, spoke to them and they said not possible as card no longer exists. Would not even do bank transfer. Didn't think anyone used cheques anymore to be quite honest. We are still waiting for it to arrive. Had a funny dream about it last night. Dreamed they sent cheque for full amount of cruise even though they have already sent refund for all apart from deposit. I was then in a terrible dilema as to if I should keep quiet and bank it or tell them. It was so amusing as I was asking all different strangers and had decided to tell them.......then I woke up.
  8. We have had refund but still waiting for cheque for £400 which was deposit. It was paid for with credit card now out of date which is why we have to have cheque for that part of payment. Unfortunately or fortunately whichever way you want to look at it, our finances only stretch to a mini cruise unlike those with three cruises booked.
  9. We are still waiting for refund agreed 26th March. Our cruise was 19th April. I think it may take longer than anticipated as the workload must be horrific.
  10. Thanks for posting that information. Looks like there are no more 4 night cruises.
  11. No one seems to have confirmed anything apart from saying ship safely docked where it should be today. This is on face book page for this specific ship.
  12. Someone on fb has just posted that she was so fed up and disappointed with the cruise due to noro and lack of entertainment etc that she has left the cruise and is on the way to airport.
  13. I would be nervous to say the least. The only thing is that they are bringing ship to Southampton a day early so they should be able to give it a bloody good fumigation. I would also want reassurance that all areas of the ship are open and all entertainment going ahead as it should. I have read reports that most facilities have been closed on the norovirus cruises which is not what we would expect for a expensive holiday even though I understand why they thought it the right thing to do.
  14. According to a very active f b site for specific ship all seems OK at the moment although postings are a bit scarce for this latest cruise. Fingers crossed all will be OK now.
  15. Oh dear, or possibly ruder words. We love the American Ships such as Princess and Celebrity but insurance and the size of the ships has made us unable to go with them again. Some time ago tried a short cruise on P&O and found it dreadful, thought never again. The reason why we booked the Saga one is the fact that they include insurance. What with health difficulties and age my OH would have had to pay a fortune for insurance, if he could get it at all. Saga said yes even after he gave them all information about his condition. For the past couple of years or more we have been visitin
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