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  1. Sadly similar circumstances to those you describe are occurring in the hospitality business in the UK.Nothing to what faces top management in the cruise industry who have to deal with and comply with many varying Nations rules and regulations which can vary so much on for example a 14 day Mediterranean cruise to probably 10 different countries.Just hoping normal luxury cruising on Silversea resumes restriction free in the next year or so!
  2. All our previous upgrades granted by HD were complementary due to days cruised with SS.Suspect the current conditions would not lead to such a generous outcome in the future!
  3. Our Silversea experience from 1997 to our last cruise pre Pandemic in 2019 has provided the same service experience throughout.On board the best service from the whole SS crew counteracting the off ship service and experience which at best can be described as poor and inadequate.It seems that this is the norm as expressed on a number of SS threads on Cruise Critic.Wish we could return to pre Pandemic cruising with top quality service but from the restrictions described by recent cruisers this scenario is a long way off tempting us at the moment as it may be years rather than months to return to the excellent pre Pandemic quality which was the norm.
  4. Hope cruisingbanjo final sentence comes to fruition,we are praying with you!
  5. Thanks for the updates Terry much appreciated.The cruise industry is sadly in the worst position of the holiday industry because of the understandable reasons of covering the World which as we all know have a wide variety of Covid restrictions in place.A prime example being the four small countries that make up the UK all having differing restrictions covering the small land area they cover compared with the wide World area cruising has to cover.Despite the personal desire to recommence our annual Silversea experience the courage to make the next booking is a distant thought at the moment whilst so many on board restrictions are in place on the ships which make the old luxury of Silversea Sadly a long way off at the moment.
  6. Sorry to hear of your problems with the website.For the past three weeks each time I log on a message comes up to inform me I have 129 new notifications..Cannot get rid of it !Probably just website problems that will disappear soon.
  7. Would think extra Cost rather than benefits.in my experience of Venetian Society special cruises.
  8. Thanks for the frequent updates which are most helpful.The CDC advice for the older brigade of which we are long standing members! Is not encouraging for us continuing our annual 24 year relationship with Silversea.The only good news is Thankfully we are not pregnant!We are very cautious and cannot pluck up the courage to make a future booking with so many restrictions on board and most importantly cannot contemplate putting large sums of money up front for a 6 week annual SS Cruise in case the worst happens to the company and we see neither our cruise or our money again . Hope it all changes soon for all who enjoy the SS experience on a regular basis.
  9. One of the great advantages of being brave and cruising so soon is the approx half full ships and the additional luxury and advantages that brings.Enjoy to the full and thanks for keeping us informed with your much appreciated observations.Enjoy!!
  10. Totally agree! Would rather be at home than cruising round in circles on so called boring sea days.
  11. Agree with your logic which we have applied with total satisfaction for 24 years in a centre of ship vista suite.Our verandah has always been the swimming pool area which we enjoy to the full.No intention of changing this policy for the rest of our SS cruising days.We appreciate that our preference would not suit everyone which is a good reason for travelling SS which provides such a wide choice of luxury cruising for all passengers.
  12. Totally agree with Lincslady post.Our experience of SS annually since 1997 has been the total opposite to that described by SFV post and still enjoy personal friendships with many SS crew from the past as well as having so many happy memories of past and present SS cruises.Never been on Seabourn and have no intention of changing lines!
  13. Just returned from my walk to learn of your sad news.Hope the lengthy recovery process is successful.Best wishes to you both.
  14. Totally agree.You highlight the main reasons we were introduced to Silversea in 1997 and have enjoyed annual cruising with them ever since. yes it suits us but appreciate that it’s not for everyone.We also hope the replacement of the wonderful Fab Four of Shadow,Whisper ,Wind and Cloud by a fleet with more than double the passenger numbers which seems to be a policy of the new owners who built their reputation on mass market cruising does not succeed at the expense of the luxury we have been fortunate to enjoy for 23 years.
  15. Agreed.Silversea small exclusive ships and service coupled with a smart and appropriate dress code from 6 pm onwards are the main reasons for cruising with SS since 1997.Hope they don’t ever include jeans as there are plenty of mass market lines offering world cruising to meet the jeans market.Stick with quality all round SS !!
  16. Looks like only The Cloud and Wind will be allowed in to Venice but sadly the new Management of SS ,Royal Caribbean,has already transferred these two beautiful luxury cruise ships to Expedition Ships to visit the icebound North and South Poles.!!
  17. Hope you change your mind.I never notice the ads because the videos are so compelling to regular Silversea cruisers and ideal for helping people who have never cruised before.
  18. Sorry to learn of the new restrictions ,but a big thank you for reviving so many happy memories of our Silversea experiences via your videos which we really appreciate.
  19. I know .......it was meant to have a touch of humour rather than be a factual possibility.Apologies will stick to factual only in future!
  20. Having been a contributor for many years to the thread entitled Silversea Water Cooler I do not understand why Everything Else and anything Else other than Silversea could be discussed.Apologies for flouting the regulations for many years.
  21. Alternatively we could return the complement and not let the US into the UK.
  22. Terry Ohio....Thanks for the photos and report on South Africa which brought back so many happy experiences from past cruises.Every excursion undertaken in SA provided a variety of lifetime memories so our advice would be do whatever appeals to you and sure you will not be disappointed in SA
  23. Thanks Lois for your most helpful responses to queries raised,much appreciated!
  24. Terry... Thanks for your regular updates.No you are not negative and I share views which reflect the current situation as it is and not as we would like it to be.Can’t wait to move into positivity hopefully in 2022!
  25. Lois...thank you for taking the time to share your Moon experience with us all.Most helpful and appreciated!I have two questions as a seasoned SS traveller since late 90s on the Wind and the Cloud mainly.How does the doubling of size in passenger numbers affect the overall SS experience of dine where you want ,when you want and with whom you want without having to make reservations? Does the doubling in passengers lead to queueing?
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