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  1. I also agree, used them and was satisfied. Stayed at a Premier inn in Dover night before.
  2. I’m sorry but all this complaining about the British Night is, in my opinion, typical of the snowflake society we seem to becoming. If you know what it’s about then don’t go to it. Similar to if you don’t like a TV show switch it off. How long before all the books in the Library are vetted in case some titles offend? We don’t go to the British Nights as we don’t particularly enjoy them, but we don’t go to Lectures or Bingo or Diamond Sales or Ice sculpting ect ect, but I am sure I could be offended by them if I really really looked. As many on here will know we Ballroom Dance, and many of the Dances have specific names, heaven forbid we are stopped dancing the Viennese Waltz in case it offends somebody. Cruises are meant to be fun and just maybe everybody's idea of fun isn’t the same.
  3. Was on Oceana two weeks. Superb formal dancing in Atrium every night. As for discussion about sequence v Ballroom. On a small cruise ship dance floor we always prefer Sequence as at least everybody is dancing in the same line of dance. Was a little surprised that not many passengers took the opportunity to dance the less formal type of dancing. Plenty of opportunity but not many took the opportunity.
  4. Hi. We were in B316, two weeks ago. Excellent. No noise and very stable in 60 knots of wind one night. Would use again.
  5. I mean the original post, not the one directly above.
  6. If ever there was a post that should be defined as “fishing”, this is it.
  7. Oh dear. Silly me. Sorry. Oceana. Now looking at B526, but it’s above casino. Read a good report of it tho.
  8. Hi. We are experienced cruisers, so understand how to pick a cabin. But always ask others, when we cruise on a new ship, if there are any hidden problems on particular cabins. Looking at D330. White space above and lounge below. Any help .? Or any suggestions for a decent inside. Another question, we are Ballroom Dancers, presume the Attrium is the venue for that. Cheers everybody.
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