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  1. took a cruise on her just a little over a year ago to Hawaii. Loved the ship. No problems
  2. My husband and I always get either 5101 or 5103 on this style of ship. We sailed on the Oosterdam to New Zealand a few years ago and loved it. We just got off the Zuiderdam for a cruise in those cabins as well. Yes the lifeboats are right below you but you can not beat the location of those cabins for easy access to the lower decks. We find them quiet and the balcony was more than we needed for size for the two of us.
  3. you had as beautiful weather as we did as we were on the last sailing ending July 30th. We were so lucky. That little village sent out two small boats of people to wave at us as we went by.....it was a wonderful cruise
  4. On the last few cruses we have taken my husband has not brought a jacket. He wears a nice pair of pants with a dress shirt and a tie with sometimes a sweater over it. There are still many men who wear a suit and tie but just as many who don't. He has never felt out of place without the jacket and it does save some space in the suitcase. Even I have scaled down what I bring and now it is just a nice pant suit or dress pair of pants with a dressy top and accessories that I can change for each gala night to make the outfit look different.
  5. sometimes almond milk (which is what I use) is out at their coffee bars. However most of the time I have had to ask for it but it is usually available especially in the Lido
  6. We took this cruise last Feb and was very pleasantly surprised at how well getting off the ship and to the airport went. We had a 12 noon flight and was very worried about it but we had self disembarkation and got off the ship about 8am. We were waiting in line to go through customs a few minutes later and was in the line for the taxis about 15 min after that. We lived in San Diego for over 20 years before we moved away and both of us were very pleased with how everything went smoothly. Bottom line was we were at the airport checking in at 9:15am. I had read horror stories of San Diego but they sure didn't materialize for us. Personally with such a short drive to the airport we chose not to use HAL transport (which we always do when in a foreign port) and it worked for us.
  7. this has been an issue for me the last two cruises since the new design of the ships and elimination of most libraries. The last two ships had only a few computers (I am talking about 3-4) with one printer. Since I do not have the "smartest" smart phone on the planet I can not use it to print my passes and need a computer. The first time the internet was so slow it took everyone doing this at least 1/2 hour each. The second time it took longer. Now the internet speed (as we all know) has not changed but the number of computers has so it is much more labor intensive and waiting in line. Plus getting your boarding pass in a foreign airport is sometimes a challenge. I have had to do it but much prefer having the boarding pass in my hand. It was much easier when the library had several computers you could use so if it took a long time (or the printer malfunctioned as I have had them do) there wasn't 6 people in line waiting.....
  8. we returned in March from a cruise ending in San Diego and our flight was a little after 12 noon. No problem as we were at the airport by 9:30am. We lived in San Diego for over 20 years (not any more though) so we know the area and the airport is a 10 minute ride away in a taxi. We took our own luggage off the ship around 8:45am and had to wait for a taxi in line about 15-20 minutes (that was the longest wait) and then to the airport. You should have no problem even if you let HAL take your luggage and you pick it up in the terminal.:D
  9. hope your mom is back to normal. We were lucky when we cancelled a tour in St Peters Port about 2 years ago. We got ashore and even boarded the bus but the problem was it was very hot that day (almost 90 degrees) which is very unusual for that island. Because of that the bus (which was an older model anyway) did not have any air conditioning and the windows only rolled down 1/2 way. We had at least a 2 hour drive ahead of us each way to our destination. We sat on the bus for about 15 min and it just got hotter and hotter. The air outside was so warm we were sure when the bus moved it would not help at all. My husband is very sensitive to heat and he just could not stand it. We walked off and explained the situation to the tour guide. Honestly we were never expecting to see anything returned but when we got our final notice the day we left the ship, there was the refund. We met one of the people that stayed on the tour. She said it was horrible. We were lucky we left. So you may get the refund, who knows?
  10. My husband and I got our first glass of Line39 wine on our last cruise......needless to say when we returned home we went to our local wine store and bought a case :D
  11. Just a year ago I was in a C cabin on main deck with shower only. I loved it. No climbing in and out since I don't take baths anyway. Both my husband and myself did not find the shower uncomfortably small and we totally enjoyed our 14 day cruise on her. We also did not hear any noise from above (we were mid ship) and if we were to sail her again we would book similar cabins. Unfortunately we were booked in Oct 2019 but with her being sold we are sailing on the Rotterdam instead.
  12. We did this a few years ago and it is totally worth it. Ours was held on a sea day and gala night. It was actually scheduled for the day before but the seas were rough (we were sailing around New Zealand) and the Captain had to postpone till the next day. We were told about 4 hours before that it was rescheduled. Of course that was fine with us. But it was really nice and we were the only ones having the vow renewal that cruise so we got to spend over a 1/2 hour just talking with the Captain before he went back to his duties. You get a real nice photo album also with the pics of the renewal that were taken.
  13. I just sent my husband to our trash can to look for it (yes I did not notice it and after reading the magazine threw it out) so thank you for mentioning it...… Once it is rescued I will send it in :D
  14. I had two cruises affected by the sale of the Prinsendam. I received an email a few minutes apart on July 2 stating that each cruise was canceled (one was on the Prinsendam the other on the Rotterdam) and that we were being rebooked and would get additional info within a few days. I dealt directly with HAL on booking both these cruises with no TA or PCC involved. Perhaps that is why my experience was relatively smooth. The rebooking on one of the cruises I received a day later with the second one arriving on July 4th. I had to call the rebooking number they gave to correct something on one cruise and change my cabin on the other one (different style of ship so my options were greater). I called at 7am on July 5th, got right through and they could not have been more helpful. I thanked the person on the phone and she laughed and said she had not received too many thankyous the last few days. I always find dealing direct with HAL the best way to go. I used a TA once and it was a real bother if I wanted a question answered or something changed. Just my opinion. But my process went fairly smoothly.:)
  15. I have had two cruises affected for next year. The one on the Prinsendam on Oct 5th 2019 is of course cancelled and replaced by the Rotterdam, same days almost same itinerary. Saved some money as it is cheaper so that is good. The only issue is dining as they have us with open dining and we had booked Early table for 2. Not a big deal since we are over a year out and will wait a few days to call. The other cruise just a year from now originally on the Rotterdam to Iceland and Greenland is now on the Zuiderdam for the same dates starting on July 13th. Have not gotten any details yet on this one regarding room and so forth. So I am checking my emails frequently.:rolleyes:
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