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  1. Speaking from a medical background (RN for 30 years) there will be people who due to allergies, reactions, autoimmune issues and so on who may not be able to take the vaccine. I fall into this category. I am all for vaccines but personally have had severe reactions to live and non-live vaccines due to overactivation of my immune system . Because of this I have never had the childhood vaccines, flu or other vaccines that most people get. I can also say I have not had any of the diseases either. So basically this vaccine could just give me some minor side effects or cause major issues for me. I
  2. Everyone is forgetting there are some of us who (for what ever reason medically) can not take this vaccine (or any vaccine) and so I am feeling that the airlines, cruise lines and so on will institute a policy of mandatory vaccinations (if medically able) and a medical excuse alone with a negative test for those of us who can not take it. I am all for vaccines and if I could take them along with everyone believe me I would. I even reacted dramatically when I was given just immunoglobulin when exposed to Hepatitis A several years ago (I am a retired RN)so it is not what is in the vaccine but h
  3. I worked as an RN for over 30 years and have watched the "vaccine" debate with interest. You will always have people who do not want to vaccinate for many reasons. Yes some will think of paybacks and so on. I will not tell you that that has never happened in the past (not that I have personally seen it) but in this case I truly do not think so. That said, before everyone jumps on the bandwagon for the vaccine, there are actual people who can not (or should not) receive it. I may be one of them due to underlying health issues and reactions with live or not live vaccines. I have been lucky to ha
  4. I had a standard balcony cabin (the ones over the tenders) for the transatlantic and orginally booked it as a non upgrade because I liked the cabin (so much for that...) Anyway I just got off the phone with HAL and what she told me was they do not have any rooms assigned yet and quoted me by the end of Nov also for our booking numbers. But she also said that they would not assign an "ocean view" to a reservation that currently had a balcony as that would be a "downgrade" which under these circumstances they would not do. Anyway she recommended when we do receive our new booking number if we ar
  5. ours are still attached to our cancelled Rotterdam cruise which is still showing under our cruises. I gave up waiting so just paid the deposit (which was reduced anyway) on a cruise later next year and will use the FCC for something after that
  6. She was my favorite ship. Have a cruise scheduled on her for Sept 2021 that apparently is not going to happen 🤥
  7. Also don't forget those of us who, for one reason or another, can not get vaccinated even if there was one. I have never had vaccines as a child due to severe reaction to one at 2 years old. So I have never had the chicken pox, mumps and so on. Now I am on immunosuppressants so obviously can not start getting them now. There will have to be regulations regarding those who can get it (and hopefully protect us which can not have the vaccine) and those of us who can't. I have two cruises booked for next year and if they sail I will be on both of them. Time will tell.
  8. I was recently on the Rotterdam and had to ask for it some mornings but was always able to get almond milk. Sometimes it was already out if someone had used it that morning but if not just ask. They usually have it.
  9. took a cruise on her just a little over a year ago to Hawaii. Loved the ship. No problems
  10. My husband and I always get either 5101 or 5103 on this style of ship. We sailed on the Oosterdam to New Zealand a few years ago and loved it. We just got off the Zuiderdam for a cruise in those cabins as well. Yes the lifeboats are right below you but you can not beat the location of those cabins for easy access to the lower decks. We find them quiet and the balcony was more than we needed for size for the two of us.
  11. you had as beautiful weather as we did as we were on the last sailing ending July 30th. We were so lucky. That little village sent out two small boats of people to wave at us as we went by.....it was a wonderful cruise
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