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  1. Does Thenford Grey keep your tour private or will others be added?
  2. Moomduck1

    Jet skis?

    Can anyone recommend a place to rent jet skis?
  3. I will check that out! Thanks!
  4. Thank you so much! I'm the Grandma, so I'm trying to get information together for their parents. I'm not sure they'll want to take them out on a boat, but I could be wrong. These are all great suggestions that I will discuss with them. Thank you!
  5. Are these beaches walkable with toddlers in a stroller? Is there anything near where we dock that's walkable? Thanks.
  6. Hi We are on the Norwegian Gem and will be in port 10am to 6pm. We've never been to this island before. We're a large family group, and there will be two toddlers in a stroller. Is anything walkable from where we dock? Thank you!
  7. Will this be doable with toddlers in a stroller? We are on the Norwegian Gem from 7am to 1pm. Thanks!
  8. OK. Thank you very much!
  9. Definite push! 🙂 Thanks!
  10. Any suggestions on what to do/where to go with toddlers? Some of the things people talk about here sound fantastic, but not so much for the little ones. It's a large group of us cruising, so we might split up. Looking for some suggestions for those who stay with the toddlers. Anywhere to go that's walkable from the port? I'm assuming we'd need car seats if driving anywhere and I'm not sure if they're planning on bringing them.
  11. We will be in port 4pm to 10pm. Will have 2 toddlers. Can we walk anywhere? Anything to do or see near the port?
  12. Is there anything to do within walking distance from the port? We dock in Basseterre, St Kitts. Will have 2 small grandchildren (toddlers).
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