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  1. Thank you! Since this will be our first time with a package, I think we'll stick to the first one and see how that works for us. Thank you for all of the help!!
  2. Hi, We have never taken a beverage plan before. We were thinking of doing it the next time that we cruise as one of our "free" offers. (I know you have to pay the gratuities) I saw that there was an upcharge for the premium beverage plan. Would that just be the more expensive wines, etc? Thank you.
  3. We booked a courtesy hold (without the deposit) before we got our FCC because we wanted to take advantage of the promos and OBC. We were able to apply our FCC once it showed up.
  4. Thank you. I haven't cruised that much so I was getting confused!
  5. I am confused about this future cruise credit. Say I have a total of $2000 future cruise credit and my new cruise that I book costs $1500. Will the extra $500 be good for a second cruise that I book or is it possible to use that $500 to book excursions for the first cruise?
  6. We cancelled our cruise at the end of March to the Caribbean. My parents are coming, and they're 79. Our grandsons, who are 1 and 2. I realize that the virus doesn't seem to be impacting children, but who's to say it won't. And in the case of a quarantine, could you imagine being stuck in a small room with toddlers? We are looking at cruises in the future.
  7. I guess we won't really know until after the 11th. Thanks for the update!
  8. Hi, I'm thinking that perhaps no one can answer my question until after March 11, but just in case.... If we book a new cruise today for sometime next year, and we cancel our current cruise after March 11 and receive the future cruise credit, do you think that we'd be able to apply that future cruise credit to the booking that we made today? Or would we have to make it to a completely new cruise? Thank you.
  9. I feel like it's more important to include March cruises than it is to include July cruises.
  10. Has anyone ever cancelled a cruise before and gotten the cruise credit? Does the credit "stay" in your account until you choose a new cruise, or do you need to pick a new cruise immediately? I'm sorry if that's a stupid question.
  11. How do you book in advance? I'm not quite sure that I understand....am I booking a table for lunch or am I renting a loungechair? Would any of these beaches be good for young toddlers, ages 1 and 2?
  12. Hi, We are on NCL Gem in March. Our stop in St Thomas is listed as 7am to 1pm. That's a small amount of time for a port. My initial thought was to go to a beach, but I realized that we'd be there in the morning. Are the temperatures typically warm enough? We have snow in March where I live, so it's hard to have a point of reference! Clearly, it's the Caribbean, but I wasn't sure if it was swimming weather. Should I be nervous doing something on our own (not a ship excursion) with the short time in port? Thanks in advance!
  13. Oh...ok. So Sushi isn't the name of a restaurant. If you want to eat sushi, you can go to the Orchard Garden, which is free, but pay for the sushi. Is that right? That makes sense. Are you able to get sushi as part of a specialty meal package? Thank you!
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