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  1. Hello - We are considering a river cruise that will have this stop. We toured Heidelberg a few years ago and loved it. We are torn between seeing it again, which we know will be great, or taking the opportunity to see something new, Speyer. Is there enough to do/see in Speyer that we won't be disappointed having not gone to Heidelberg a second time? If we had not seen Heidelberg prior, we would definitely have chosen that. Thank you! I just saw that this original post was from 2017! I didn't notice that at first. Well, hopefully someone will be able to comment. Thanks again.
  2. I disagree that kids eat free in specialty restaurants. We just got off the Escape. My son made reservations for Cagney's for his wife and himself. They were not on the dining plan. They had wanted to take their 9 month old with them but would have had to pay for him, even though he wouldn't eat anything. We watched him instead.
  3. Thank you so much! This is perfect. I really appreciate this!
  4. Does anyone know if the ceilings are high or low in the parking facility? We are trying to decide if we should put our luggage carrier on top of our car. I made the mistake once of driving into a parking garage that had low ceilings and did a little damage to it and I'd hate to do it again.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I emailed NCL to be sure. We're happy to take the 9 month old on the cruise. It may not work for some, but he's a pretty happy go lucky baby.
  6. Is it ok to bring baby food on board the escape for a 9 month old baby?
  7. Hi I have an odd question. If one orders lobster, will the lobster be live or will it already be in pieces? We are traveling with someone who is a vegetarian. She will freak if a live lobster is killed right in front of her. We wouldn't order it, but as we are a party of four I'm assuming we will be sitting with strangers who might order it. Thank you.
  8. Hi The current offer has 3 signature dining credits. Do you have to use them yourself? We are traveling with family who booked already without this option. Would we be able to eat with them and use our options for them? There's two of us and two of them, so use four dining?
  9. If we took the ferry from Weehawken, where would we get off in NYC? We are taking the NCL Breakaway. I am not from NJ/NY and I'm not familiar with the area to know which ferry route to take from Weehawken. Thank you!
  10. After hearing about my best friend's experience flying day of cruise, I will never do it. They had flight connections that they ended up missing, through no fault of their own. They ended up with the cruise company picking them up at the airport, taking them out on a high speed boat to catch the cruise (which had left already) and them having to climb up a rope ladder to get onto the ship. That was over 10 years ago, but it stays with me. I will always fly out at least a day before if not 2.
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