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  1. We were on the Edge last spring and I don't know what all the fuss was about, no big deal, in fact I like the Verandas on all the other Celebrity ships, and the Magic Carpet, forget it. I don't have a clue as to why they made the big deal about it. I tried to book dinner on it before the cruise and was told I had to wait until on the ship. When I tried when I boarded, quite early, it was all booked. It spent most of the time by the pool and was always crowded. The ship is beautiful but as my wife and I are both still smoker, (unfortunately,) we were confined to the back of the ship where the s
  2. Last Monday I received my luggage tags for my cruise that was suppose to leave on tomorrow, May 2nd. I took the offer of 125% on my next cruise although I was concerned that Celebrity may declare bankruptcy and start fresh leaving us all with nothing, but I though better of it since Celebrity is a large cruise company. After receiving the tags six-7 weeks after they cancelled the cruise I question their financial acumen when they are still paying a company to send out thousands of luggage tags for cruises that were cancelled long ago. I had also cancelled my airline flights booked through
  3. I have only sailed Celebrity since my first cruise on the old Meridan back in 1997. I have achieved Elite status and had a cruise booked for May 2nd. I have tried calling Celebrity many times but keep getting cut off. I may be interested in the 125% they are offering on cancelled cruises but how do I know they won't just declare Bankruptcy and start fresh and I will lose out our payment? I also booked flights through Flights By Celebrity but can't get any questioned answered and and when I try Delta they say there is a 1 hour and 50 minute waiting. I am a front line health care worker in NYC,
  4. Is anyone else besides me not impressed with the magic carpet and the infinite balcony on the Edge. I sailed several months ago on the Edge. Highest overall price in my many Celebrity cruises but I understand, it's a new ship. Beautiful ship!! However, I tried to make reservations upon boarding for the Magic carpet and it was all booked (I had been told you could only book on board). The infinite balcony was less impressive, nice but no big deal. My wife and I are smokers. I understand non-smokers and I am always considerate. However, on such a big ship smokers were relegated to such a small s
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