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  1. Since you are Platinum you can board whenever you want. Just came back from Vista yesterday
  2. likely you will know within 10-14 days-I see these posts all the time that you might not find out until sail date but I've done this several times and its not my experience
  3. He would be considered a no-show-no change in fare but taxes and fees will be refunded for the no-show
  4. If you're Platinum or above you might get a pretty quick confirmation-happened to me within about 24 hours-but I was waitlisted for late seating. You suggested you've cruised often before
  5. It seems like all the cruise cancellations and itinerary changes may have made this early August period a Sellers Market-I'm seeing ships fill up. Usually, as you move from mid-August toward September prices should drop sharply in a "normal year"
  6. Another thing I worry about is passengers should be warned that if they have outstanding arrest warrants they need to clear that up before leaving
  7. ….I had a document scare the other night-I'm cruising in less than 3 weeks so I decided to check my documents again-I've been on 25+ cruises so I always leave my documentation in same carry-on packet in the top drawer of Nite stand. So when I checked Friday Nite Birth Certificate wasn't there. Wasted 3 hours of a Friday nite searching everywhere I could think. Finally found them-I had forgotten when my firm merged with another firm about 9 months ago I was asked for SS Card and Birth Certificate and had placed them in a group of documents that I had brought home from work when we changed office location. But that is an important reminder when friends are going on the first cruise. I must have emphasized about 10 times when I hear friends are cruising for the first time-sometimes based on my recommendations. My ex took my son on a cruise out of New Orleans awhile ago and forgotten his documentation. Another piece of advice-at least for Texans is that a new Birth Certificate for a person born in Texas can be ordered from any county in Texas in an emergency. So they had to drive back from New Orleans to the first Texas county on Interstate 10.
  8. If you are staying in Houston you can get 4.5 star Omni Galleria for about $87 on a "Hot wire" Secret Deal rate if you do just a little research. Those rates were for the August 16-17 I was checking but they've been discounting pretty heavily. Newly remodeled.
  9. aren't those actually Interior Havana rooms. I've got an interior Havana on Vista in a few weeks. I'm not a big Balcony fan but wanted to give Havana a shot
  10. Agreed the single supplement for me simply means I'm more likely to cruise when kids are in school. Same cabin can be half the price by a little strategic scheduling
  11. more likely you will get assignment about 2-3 weeks after buying the cruise
  12. The original prices were directly found on the Carnival website. Balcony and Suites sold out in about a day and a half because the prices were so low. Prices for interiors started rising after that. You had to jump quick on that deal but I swear it was there because the cruise was only scheduled on the day I reported it.
  13. The Vista is coming out of dry dock 4 days early 4 Days out of Galveston(Cozumel) for $129 per person or $258 plus taxes for 4 day cruise. Great opportunity for low price cruise in July-especially for solo cruisers
  14. That's exactly was my thought-pattern-but admittedly I'm not a big Balcony person -so $600-800 more for Balcony doesn't do much for me. Basically, for me I'd rather just pay for the easy access to the Havana area 7 days a week than use the Balcony for a couple of hours during the cruise
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