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  1. "... just stand at the bar looking ... single" Seriously one of the most difficult things on a cruise ship is trying to figure out who is single and who is taken. Used to have to check out the Photograph gallery to see who boarded with a significant other-brother/sister combos always tripped me up though for a couple of days-😎
  2. The Liberty of the Seas is a great ship-been on her twice-but won't this be about a 6-7 year tenure in Galveston by 2022. Most Texas cruisers probably looking for other options
  3. Texas just posted today (a) its largest death count since the beginning of the Pandemic and (b) its second highest day of new cases https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/usa/texas/
  4. Your own source under Hospitalizations shows a steady increase over the last 6 days https://covid19.ncdhhs.gov/dashboard/hospitalizations
  5. Don't think about it as an previously unannounced 14 day post cruise quarantine-think of it as a surprise bonus cruising opportunity with fellow infected passengers. Roll the Dice!!!
  6. Ole Ole Ole Ole!!! f. Onboard isolation, quarantine, and social distancing protocols to minimize the risk of transmission and spread of COVID-19;
  7. ….not to mention the decisions made by Caribbean and other ports who have not shown an inclination to take a chance on Covid spread
  8. What is the usual square foot "social distancing" capacity in your average Carnival main Lido Deck pool. I guess you might be able to get 10 cruisers in there-the rest of us will pass out from dehydration
  9. Better add no swimming either-getting mask wet would have waterboarding affect
  10. This Extended Balcony has been a HUGE waste of money-the view never seems to change
  11. I will NEVER cruise the Virtual of the Seas again!!!!!!!!! 100% Single Supplement and the Porters still have not brought my suitcase. Plus the Disco is deserted
  12. I'm most concerned with a breakout on the ship stranding passengers on the ship for weeks trying to find a port to accept the passengers back on land with a probable 14 day quarantine. I probably won't cruise until at least 3 months after the cruise ships have proven that is not a reasonable probability.
  13. Since you are Platinum you can board whenever you want. Just came back from Vista yesterday
  14. likely you will know within 10-14 days-I see these posts all the time that you might not find out until sail date but I've done this several times and its not my experience
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