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  1. Currently, 68.8% of all ADULTS (over 18) have been vaccinated and 59.9% are fully vaccinated. I don't think many children purchase cruises. The percentage of those that actually purchase cruises that are fully vaccinated is likely approaching 70- 75% since 89.4% of Americans over 65 have had at least 1 vaccination and 79.7% are fully vaccinated. Listen to your elders Its not 50/50 among cruise customers
  2. The CDC will simply ask that the Appellate Court to reinstate the order pending appeal
  3. The real issue is whether Congress has exercised a delegated power in the Constitution over the port or facility (ie under Commerce Clause). hint: Congress has exercised that delegated power
  4. True otherwise you wouldn't have to wear a mask at Miami International Airport (or other federal controlled facility). Desantis' mandates are preempted by federal law in these facilities (for the most part). DeSantis has some control in such facilities ex. restaurants, bars and other businesses)
  5. "Most cruises dont engage in interstate commerce as they travel to foreign countries." Oh my!
  6. Hey this is a fact-free thread-quit spoiling the fun "The Senate unanimously passed the bill this month, and it was approved by the House of Representatives Thursday." https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2021/05/24/cruise-ships-bill-biden-alaska/7417266002/
  7. The crew are people too and they are probably in pretty close quarters below
  8. Actual medical records aren't even entered into these governmental databases. They just check a negative ping for whether you've been vaccinated. All states that are involved in the federal vaccination program-ie every state-is required to report this information in order to participate. I've posted a sample state agreement on cruise critic which is signed when they are agree to be a part of the vaccination program.
  9. Traffic is horrible on Friday afternoon-not so bad early on weekends. Lately I've motored down on Friday afternoon and stayed in an Omni, Galvestonian or other great hotel with a great pool for about $130 on hotwire bid and then head to Galveston Saturday morning. If its a Sunday cruise I usually stay at Moody Gardens and usually get Moody Gardens for Saturday Nite for right at $200 on hotwire bid. Then I hit their pool early afternoon. I realize this year MIGHT be more problematic-but there still won't be as many cruise passengers so I'm not so sure prices might still drop. I've got about 20
  10. If you are driving you can always stay in a real 4 or 5 star in Houston rather than pay 2-3 times more in a 2-3 star in Galveston. Not ideal but I refuse to robbed by inferior hotels-most 4 stars in Galveston really aren't anyway-you are just paying for the location. Houston also is a pretty good city for well educated priceline or hotwire secret hotels. Just do a little research-I've ALWAYS gotten the hotel I bid on in both Houston and Galveston with a little research
  11. Hopefully not long as long as one of those darn kids doesn't punch every floor
  12. Due to Hurricane Harvey a few years ago-we were recharted to Miami from Galveston and left Miami at about 10:30 pm. Wow!!! Sitting up top in the Viking Crown Lounge was about 30 minutes of one of the most memorable cruise experiences in my life. Just beautiful as the port facilities are lighted up for miles
  13. for those scoring the game from home, was the error by Who (e-3), What (e-4), I Don't Give a Damn (e-6) or I Don't Know (e-5)
  14. My law firm has asked for vaccination cards for their records
  15. Not likely because even cruise lines need to provide at least some procedural due process if not substantive due process. Its fundamentally unfair to penalize innocent passengers
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