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  1. I’m sailing on this cruise! Fingers crossed it will go! ;)
  2. Anyone privy to when Princess will announce their later 2022 and early 2023 dates for Caribbean sailings? Your response is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  3. Does anyone know where or if there’s a Elite Lounge on Caribbean Princess? Looked through the deck plans on Princess.com and couldn’t find anything listed. Your thoughts and input are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Key West is a wonderful stop! Lots to do and see! I wonder if Celebrity and other cruise lines will go around the city of Key West and stop at the US Naval station as we did last November on Equinox. Since it’s Federal property, there’s absolutely nothing the locals could do about that, and I’m sure all of the local businesses don’t want to see the cruise ships leave with all of the money that pours in! Good luck to all of them.
  5. Just checked dreamvacations.com and the Bermuda sailings for May 2021 are listed. May 6, 15, and 25. One 9- night cruise and two 10- night cruises. However these dates aren’t listed on Celebrity’s website, only June and July. Very weird. I’m guessing either a glitch or they’re planning something else. If it’s a change in schedule they’ll keep you informed and give you the opportunity to change it or receive a refund. Hope it works out!
  6. Thanks for the information! I’ll definitely keep my eyes on Celebrity to see if they’re scheduling expands!
  7. Does anyone know when Celebrity Cruises will release their itineraries for late 2022 through early 2023? Your thoughts are greatly appreciated! Have a wonderful day! Stay safe my cruise-loving friends! 😁👍
  8. Does anyone know if Eurodam has an electronics store where you can buy iPads, iPhones and the like there? I have a wad of OBC to use this November and would love to use it in this regard if at all possible. Feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks
  9. My folks just upgraded to a Neptune Suite on Nieuw Amsterdam in December, but wanted to know what extra perks they would receive besides Neptune lounge! Do they receive unlimited laundry anymore or did HAL do away with that??
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