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  1. I ordered the pack of six and now see they'll expire before I need to use them. I appreciate your tips about consumer protection. Did Emed require you to pay the return postage? What number did you finally use to get through to them? Thank you.
  2. Thanks for the correction. I'm sure you're right. I've only been there a few times, so my familiarity is limited.
  3. Glad you had great experiences in Kona. My mom lived there for 25 years and it's near and dear to my heart. I had the "aquarium" feeling with Woodwind, but I understand what you're saying about water depth. Sorry for off topic. I need to keep researching Roatan - 2 stops coming up soon.
  4. I was put off by the aggressive vendors at West End, and the water was too rough for good snorkeling the day I was there. I do hope to try again. I've snorkeled in Hawaii, also Champagne Bay, and neither compare to what you see in Bonaire on a Woodwind excursion. I highly recommend if you're ever back in Bonaire.
  5. I haven't been able to find the option to book Royal's shuttle from IAH to Galveston. Where did you find it?
  6. Thank you. I'm going to give it a try for 5 of them in the next few months. FCC's are issued in the names of 3 adults (son, daughter, dil) and 2 teenage grandkids.
  7. I have 10 open FCC's for family members from two different cruises when I reserved and paid deposits on 3 cabins for each cruise - it's my kids, same last name as mine for all. We cancelled them under CWC. I'm beginning to think my family will not want to get on a ship before the FCC expires. Grand total of the 10 is $1250. Have you helped any clients with situations like this? I have plenty of cruises I could apply the amounts to if they would allow me to use them for myself.
  8. You did a super job reporting! I enjoyed it a lot - Thank you!!!
  9. On Serenade's Boston-Florida repo in fall 2019 there were 3 bookcases near the pool tables and each one had three or four shelves of books. With cruising just re-opening, and with Covid concerns, it might be different now. Have a great time!
  10. I'm the opposite of you and really enjoyed the south, including Tasmania. What highlights did you particularly enjoy on the northern route?
  11. Bon Voyage and Happy Birthday to Marvelous Mary!!! I'm on Allure b2b in November and look forward to hearing any info you pass along 🙂 I hope we can trash again soon!!!
  12. Were you at the downtown pier or the Point Seraphine pier across the bay from downtown? Your comment must mean you were not allowed to go outside the port gates, is that correct?
  13. Do you know ahead of time which nights Amphora will be open so as to coordinate with specialty reservations?
  14. Thanks so much for your extremely helpful posts @caymancouple And @sb44 you make a great point about the raising of the sails accompanied by Conquest of Paradise providing a great moment to reflect on our blessings, especially after surviving huge challenges. This will be my third time on the yachts and I find them fabulous, but sail away doesn't offer the magic sound of the sails flapping in the wind.
  15. I remember the first time we heard it in 2003 sailing from Athens. Our first impression was how serious and dreary it sounded in contrast to the excitement we were feeling. I agree with your comment, but I know some may not.
  16. Thank you for the excursion list. And most important, Happy Birthday yesterday!
  17. Thanks for the update! Glad you're having such a wonderful time. Did you order your WS departure Covid test ahead of time?
  18. Too late to edit my first comment, but you're right the email does say Oct30, 2022, so I can see why you'd be concerned for your 2023 sailings. Personally I'm assuming the email date was a typo and should have been Oct30, 2021. Everyone I know who received it had sailings from fall 2021 to spring 2022.
  19. Too early to know, but I've heard June 2022 as the current estimate for when travel to/from Australia will be permitted. If that materializes, ships could arrive there for itineraries in fall/winter 2022-23.
  20. We're excited to read your news reports and tips about the sailing. Bon Voyage!
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