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  1. Hi Lori and Raul ! I miss you guys. That Black Sea itinerary looks fabulous! My daughter Molly and I are booked on Star Breeze from St. Maarten in three weeks. Our cabin is the normal Oceanview Suite and not a balcony, but a couple on our rollcall have upgraded so I'll get photos of theirs for you. This will be my ninth Windstar and I'm sure you'd be pleased with the product. Six were on the sailing vessels. Our first try of the yachts was 2016. John and I did a Caribbean itinerary on Star Legend and my sister and I did Hong Kong to Bangkok in 2018, again on Legend. I love the oceanview suites. They're huge, with a wonderful "living room" area next to the large window (the ov cabins they've added with the stretching switched to put the bed by the window), a spacious bathroom and large walk-in closet. Much like a JS on RCCL. With the port intensive itinerary in the Black Sea, you can give some thought to how much you'd be on your balcony. Anyway, I'll get photos of each. Here's a review of Star Breeze, but I wish it had more cabin pix. Live From Star Breeze: What is Better on the Reimagined Cruise Yacht (cruisecritic.com)
  2. Sorry they didn't answer your call yesterday. I used the 800 number on the website. Both times I selected options for "guest" and "already booked". After inputting my confirmation # once I held and after a minute or so got a recording offering the callback option which I used and call came through about 5 mins later. Second call it said I was #1 in queue so I stayed on. Sounds like they need to run some tests on their answering system. My calls were around 8am PDT.
  3. I've been following this thread since I'm booked for the July 24 sailing. @sail2dayI hope you've been able to speak with someone. This morning I made two calls to the number shown on the website and each was answered with less that a five minute hold time. I am in complete agreement with @cabosal1regarding Windstar's mandated shore excursions. Being forced to visit these places in a small herd is a big negative when both guests and WS are hoping for dream vacations and rave reviews. If local authorities are allowing independent visitors it's hard to justify WS's policy.
  4. You're right, I see 270 and going forward from there the photo is different than their diagram.
  5. On RCCL's Odyssey diagram they still show large gaps on deck 5 outside Giovanni's and the Art Gallery. I assumed the Starboard side would be the enclosed smoking area as on other Quantum ships. Do they need to update their diagram?
  6. Whew - glad to see your list! I got the wrong idea when you mentioned Serenade end of 2022 to Gary.
  7. Here's the press release. That's all I know. https://www.royalcaribbeanpresscenter.com/press-release/1506/stealing-the-spotlight-royal-caribbean-reveals-new-west-coast-adventures-from-los-angeles/
  8. They announced she was heading to California, but nothing has been released yet.
  9. Well done about your 2023 Australia bookings! I can't believe you won't set foot on a ship for another 18 months...get shopping!!! I see @Blue Eyed Belfast Belle will also be in OZ. I just might join you 😍
  10. They've removed most of the new Australia 2023 sailings for now. Hope they come back soon. Now it looks like they're back - yay!
  11. I'd like to book a chain of the new Australia 2023 sailings, but I'm sure missing those $100 Next Cruise deposits! @island ladyare your fingers flying this morning?
  12. I depend on this thread for recent deployment news because I don't have time to monitor all of the General Boards and I quit following 2021-22 after the big releases had finished last year. Gary's post allows me to begin to ponder a trip to Bermuda for Vision, and I appreciate the info, so thank you Gary!
  13. I also booked Serenade from Tampa, but mine's in January 2023. My comments were based on speculation about Serenade and Radiance's current positions and plans for late 2021 and early 2022. See post 1484.
  14. Discussions here about Serenade and Radiance current positions vis a vis Australia cruising in 2022 and 2023. With Radiance scheduled for Florida and Alaska cruises in 2022 she'll have to repo to Florida by next fall and evidently will return to normal pattern crossing back to Australia after Alaska for 2023. And Serenade is scheduled for late 2021 and 2022 in Sydney with repo to Singapore followed by Alaska sailings and trans-canal to Tampa for 2023 sailings. It would be a lot to upend if Radiance took over Serenade's 2022 schedules in Sydney.
  15. That repo will be epic!!! Currently I have a couple other long ones for Fall 2022 - Voyager's Arctic TA and Brilliance from Rome to Tampa. But it makes me smile to imagine resuming TRASH talking in January 2023 on Serenade!
  16. What ships/destinations did you see on the preload? I'm wondering what Australia-Asia will look like in early 2023.
  17. I definitely need to look around for some late summer or fall 2021 options. I hate seeing nothing in my cruise planner until 2022!!! Thanks for the virtual hug and the same backatcha!
  18. It'll be interesting to see what they do with Odyssey in November. It's very possible they're still considering their options. I saw a news release saying the sailings from Haifa will go on sale Tuesday March 9.
  19. Woke up to learn my last 2021 booking is now gone, Odyssey's TA from Rome to Ft. Lauderdale. Dear Guest, The past year has been challenging for all of us. Since our suspension in March 2020, we’ve spent countless hours hyper-focused on developing new protocols and procedures, scheduling new itineraries, and adjusting and evolving our plans. Our situation remains fluid, and there is still significant uncertainty surrounding resuming operations globally. But what we do know is that we are dedicated to our Royal Comeback and getting it right. Odyssey of the Seas is our newest and latest flagship and we want to ensure her inaugural season takes place as best we can. With that said, instead of debuting in Rome this summer, Odyssey of the Seas will begin her inaugural season out of Israel - a country that leads the world with its progressive vaccine rollout program for COVID-19. As a result, Odyssey will welcome Israeli residents at its new homeport in Haifa from June to October 2021. Regrettably, this means your sailing has been cancelled.
  20. Yes, I was also excited for the b2b with Presidents cruise. Even though I'd heard they could be crazy with crowds of Pinnacles, I was anxious to see for myself at least once and it seemed extra special as a longer TA instead of a Caribbean itinerary.
  21. I'm booked for Odyssey's TA this October. Crossing my fingers. We had a memorable WB TA on Quantum in 2014, her maiden crossing from Southampton to NYC. Ship was all new and exciting!
  22. Odyssey maps show CL on deck 13 and most eating options deck 14.
  23. I like 12 for easy access to the beautiful CL and just 2 floors from main deck with Coastal Kitchen, Windjammer, Solarium Bistro etc.
  24. I'm not guaranteeing success, but if I were in your shoes, I would book a couple of cruises which sail prior to the 4/30/22 deadline and book a nonrefundable fare to get the FCC's applied. That would be step 1. At a later time, after all was confirmed and FCC's shown on your invoices, I would call back to request changing ship and sailing date to what you want.
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