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  1. Sorry to post off topic but CC doesn't support private messaging. Wanted to let you know the northern TA you've been wishing for opened today. Jewel 8/31/21
  2. I suspect they'll be able to do it. Last week I got one approved that was a month away from the normal rules. Took a while on hold and a few transfers. Resolutions had to be involved.
  3. And it would definitely help if they started allowing multiple FCC's to be applied to a booking.
  4. Yes, but I prefer to wait and book later as long as adding the refundability fee to my booking will give me the right to get a reissue of FCC used toward the deposit if I cancel prior to final payment. Sorry to belabor, but their are so many scenarios with FCC usage and I know you have to stay on top of it. Thank you.
  5. So refundable fee gives me the right to get a reissue of FCC that's been applied toward a deposit, is that correct?
  6. I'd like to book my family on Odyssey for summer 2021 to get rid of their FCC's which are only enough to go toward the deposit, but none of them are keen to travel that far in 2021 so summer 2022 is more realistic. I'd rather hold off for a while before deciding what to do but I know CWC expires tomorrow. Do you think adding the refundability fee to a booking ends up providing the same protection of an FCC value as CWC? I don't think I'd have to pay the extra for refundability as long as a potential cancellation took place before final payment. Thanks for all your help!
  7. If Royal cancels a cruise which has been paid in full with part of the payment having been in FCC, does a 100% refund come back as cash or as partial cash and partial FCC? Thanks!
  8. They were issued from two sailings. I booked a date that ended up being a conflict for one in our party and had to change to a different date. I can't remember the exact details of why a new booking got created rather than just changing the first. It would be a lot easier to manage if I could get one set of FCC into my own name and apply it to my own future cruises. I paid for all the deposits and it's complicated to strategize how not to lose the FCC values. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
  9. This idea is helpful. Thank you. I've had two different family cruise deposits refunded as FCC. Each of six people has one FCC for $100 and a second for $150. To deposit on a Dec2021 cruise I'm only allowed to use one FCC, so the other ends up being applied to the balance due on each cabin. Do you know if cancelling Dec21 cruise by Sept 2021 would get me FCC back and extended 12 more months for both the FCC's applied pp? Many thanks!!!
  10. I'm the same as scorpluvsdolphins. Once my C&A # is entered, no further promo code is needed in order to get the 150% single rate. As I recall the only blackout times are Christmas/New Years and summer months.
  11. Regarding OBC from Next Cruise bookings - prior to yesterday's 30 day pause announcement I asked my travel agent to inquire whether I would retain my OBC if I took advantage of the free change for an April booking, but instead of cancelling for FCC switched to a later cruise. The response at that point was"RCCL is not providing the option to rebook without any penalty".
  12. I just had my travel agent check this for me and she was told they would reissue the pinnacle free cruise certificate. I let them know I was over in the higher risk age group, but I don't know if that affected their decision.
  13. My late husband and I travelled a lot for several years when his health was declining. Any travel insurance we bought needed to cover pre-existing conditions. My habit was to re-evaluate our plans at the time of final payment. If things looked good for his health for the next few months, we would make final payment. For trips when a fair amount of money was at risk I found a couple of insurance companies which would cover pre-existing as long as the policy was bought within 24 hours of final payment. I had several claims and they went smoothly (except for one).
  14. Three of us took a taxi from the port to Tarquinia. The Etruscan tombs were amazing as was the museum in Tarquinia.
  15. Glad to hear you're making these changes! It would be awful to be trapped. Enjoy Dubai and Jewel 😊
  16. Still waiting for January 2022 Caribbean 5/9 itineraries. What's the latest prognostication on ships available for the route? Thanks!
  17. I just found this chart and it says the family suite being discussed does receive gold card benefits. Too bad I didn't have that when I was reserving for my family - not happy with the agent at Next Cruise 😕 https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/what-are-the-benefits-of-the-suites-program
  18. I'm taking my family on a Baltics cruise this summer and planned to put them in this cabin so they would have suite benefits since I was reading posts to that effect. However the booking agent at Next Cruise checked several times (at my insistence) and said it was considered like a junior suite and did not receive a gold card, no matter what others said. Rather than promise something they might not get, I booked connecting balconies for the family.
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