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  1. Thanks to All for your helpful information. Really appreciate it.
  2. We are on the 11-16-19 Horizon Cruise and have decided to use the POM parking garage close to the terminal and just walk across to the terminal. The cost is $22 per night, but will be worth it to not have to depend on the timeliness of shuttle buses. I just learned today that they do not take advanced reservations for the parking garage, so my question is to those that have used this venue to park. Is there ample parking in the garage or will we have to get there early to secure a spot to park in the garage? I know that we need to allow time for the parking garage to empty as people disembark from the prior cruise, but how long should we wait or what is the best time to arrive? Any help would be helpful. Thank you all.
  3. Yes, these are the packages we were looking at. Appreciate the information. Thank you.
  4. Thanks so much for this information. Very helpful.
  5. We will be on Vista in March and would like to be able to text back home to check on Family. We have AT&T service and as I understand it, there is a program that AT&T offers for unlimited texting and limited data minutes for phone use, all for a flat fee. Will we still need to purchase a Wi-Fi package from Carnival to be able to use our phone to text or receive texts from home if we have this AT&T package? I am curious as to what other AT&T users do to have texting availability from Ship/Port to home? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Try the Hilton Garden Inn in Webster. Free full breakfast with stay and only 30 minutes away from port Galveston. Have stayed there twice before cruises.
  7. I order bottles for my room all the time and carry drinks around with me that I have made in my room. No one has ever asked what's in my drinking glass. I also take a flask with me in my pocket to "freshen" up my drink from time to time after I add some ice to it. I usually drink scotch on the rocks. I have even taken red solo cups with me and walked around with those. You will be just fine and will save money as well. Enjoy your cruise.
  8. We are on the Vista March 3rd cruise and we are driving in from Austin the night before and staying at Hilton Garden Inn in Webster, 30 miles from Galveston, and will just drive in the next morning. We cruised in March before and it was in the high 60s. It was also raining but did not delay anything. Good luck and happy cruising.
  9. Everyone who pre-orders bottles for their cabins do this all the time, at least the majority do. I usually do not carry a flask, but I do pre-mix a drink (Scotch on the rocks) in one of the glasses from the room and carry it with me all over the ship. One time I brought red solo cups and carried that around with me and saved the glasses in the room to drink on the balcony. Full disclosure, you are supposed to drink the liquor in your cabin, but honestly do not know of anyone that does that. I may bring a flask with me on my next cruise just to save me some steps back to the cabin.
  10. Galveston Park N Cruise is now taking reservations for our March 3, 2019 Vista Cruise. Just opened today and we have booked it online. We have always used them. Indoor secured parking $87 plus tax and service fee for seven days. We just take out our luggage and walk across the street to terminal. Very easy and convenient. They also have secured outdoor parking that is fenced in for $67 plus tax and service fee for seven days.
  11. FTTF is available on the March 3, 2019 Vista Cruise now.
  12. Thank you both for your very helpful information.
  13. We have recently booked Carnival Vista for a March 3, 2019 cruise and wanted to at least look at some of the excursions offered, but there are no excursions listed and it says still working on scheduling excursions for this cruise. I have booked this far in advance before on previous cruises with Carnival and have always had the opportunity to book excursions this early. Is it because Vista is being relocated to Galveston during this time? Not sure why that would make a difference but maybe someone has some insight? Thanks for any help.
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