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  1. Sorry guys- to avoid confusion , it's " staid" .
  2. I am cancelling my DEC cruise next week when my TA comes back to work. Too bad but better to be safe.
  3. When you get finished paying HAL for nothing, please consider my very special offer on the Brooklyn bridge.
  4. If you have health insurance which clearly asks about medical history (at least in Canada) I don't see why anything else would be required. I also don't think most MD's would want to sign a form guaranteeing " healthy to sail". You could die tomorrow hit by a car. I don't think life comes with a guarantee.
  5. I'm too cheap and too stubborn to pay a cancellation fee when other airlines are giving a full refund. I may eat my words closer to final payment time!
  6. Air Canada is not offering refunds yet but there is a class action suit being launched. I will probably be dead and buried before that is settled.
  7. My best guess would be if it states March or April it doesn't mean February.
  8. Never heard of raspberry sauce on sweet potato fries either, maybe a regional thing?
  9. Does anyone know if you can pick up messages to your stateroom from a house phone rather than going all the way to your stateroom? I plan on leaving cell phone off during my cruise. Thanks.
  10. If you want peace and relaxation it also helps to tell them up front you don't plan on buying any products following the massage.
  11. Does the buffet on the Nieu Statendam have sweet potato fries? Yummy!
  12. The prices are pretty much the same but 15% tip added on automatically. You can continue to earn stars/points but not redeem them.
  13. Haven't sailed HAL for a few years but now looking at the New Statendam later this year.Does anyone have comments on the spa and thermal suite area- price ? good or bad etc. Thanks.
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