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  1. Hi Ray, yeah it looks like Conquest and Ecstasy for us. Actually, we put together a large group cruise for March 31, 2008 on the Ecstasy. This cruise will be featuring the house guests from the CBS reality show Big Brother 8. We are also in the planning stages for an "Amazing Race" cruise later in 2008, featuring players from the reality show. A cruise with Willie Nelson is in the works for 2009. Didn't make it on the RH for the canal cruise. Could not take the time off, due to commitments with my new company. We'll be sailing on the Conquest in a couple of weeks. I can't believe I've made it this long(7 months) without a cruise. I am soooo ready. Have fun on your upcoming cruise!! Fausto
  2. These are non-smoking cabins? Wow, didn't realize Carnival went that route. Fausto
  3. I think the video is hilarious and yet pathetic. Ports of call changes: As soon as you walked into the stateroom and saw that the ports of call were changed, you could have walked down to the gan gway and disembarked before departure. Why did you choose to continue on with your cruise? Progresso: Not much to do there, but hey, you're on vacation, so make the best of it. Ghetto Level: Sounds like your TA likes you and appreciates your business. Laundry Room Smell: Same as "Ghetto Level" answer. Excursions TV: Someone forgot to change the tape over. Excursion Lines: You find these on most cruise ships Restaurants closed while in port: Hmmm, I wonder how the rest of the passengers who didn't disembark eat lunch... Cozumel lacked excursions: Because a hurricane hit, what did you expect? You knew about this prior to your cruise. Barf bags and Titanic music: You are lucky that they put barf bags everywhere, otherwise you would have been stepping on some nasty leftovers from other passengers. The music was to make the experiece of throwing up a more classy one. Perfect Storm on movie channel: And who made you watch that channel? You think you are the only one on this cruise ship? Dirty lampshades: You're on Carnival, what did you expect, a perfectly clean stateroom? CD Player skipped: Write a letter to corp. and tell them to get Sonys. Anyways, did you go on this cruise just to listen to the CD/DVD player? Next time, take your own. Basketball net torn: You're lucky that they offer a basketball court. Did you notify maintenance or the purser's desk about this? 6 1/2 hours to get off: Carnival knew that you enjoyed your cruise so much, that they wanted to let you have the maximum amount of time on the ship before having to get off. Sounds like a US Customs problem, not the cruise line....but US Customs and Carnival Corp. are in a conspiracy to make your life a living nightmare at the end of your wonderful cruise. He wants Hawaii as a pay back. Some people just never learn. And to all of those who have never cruised on Carnival, don't kid yourself, there are many cruisers just like this loser who cruise on RCI, Princess and the rest of the cruise lines. Did anyone ever find out what this guy actually enjoyed on the cruise? Fausto
  4. My partner and I went to Ocho Rios Sandals in Sept. on a day pass and they treated us very well. Sure, we got stares from the guests staying there but the staff at Sandals was very friendly and the food was good. Beautiful property. In regards to giving my money to a homophobic government/society, well, the United States is not any different. Fausto
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