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  1. I called Celebrity today and was told (apparently not by a reliable person) that an announcement would be made in a few hours! I have a sailing on the Apex on Jan. 2, 2021 - or was supposed to have - who knows!
  2. Well it is one month from Jan. 1, 2021 and still no word on cancelling my cruise on the Apex Jan. 2-9, 2021! I called Celebrity today about this and was told mid morning they would be making an announcement in a few hours. I have not seen or heard another thing - anyone else???? Surely TOMORROW they will announce - I have flights and hotels to cancel! And again, what puzzles me is why they are ADVERTISING the Apex Jan. 2, 2021 sailing along with other 2021 dates if they have are not going to be finished with their "trial" cruises. Just doesn't make sense to me, but I sure hope I hear something definitive soon though I think I pretty much know now that I will not be cruising. And I have been working on a back up plan/trip and it sure is hard to try and make reservations when I don't know for SURE.
  3. Will they require a doctor's "permission" slip? For instance, if obesity is considered a pre-existing, alot of folks (possibly including myself) will not be able to cruise. Can they do that? I bet we will have to sign some kind of waiver to sail.And who decides exactly what pre-exisitng conditions are? I am a senior and want to cruise again - have a January 2, 2021 cruise booked on Apex in a Sky suite for 50th wedding anniversary!
  4. A different subject I know, but related? When cruising DOES begin, are passengers that have pre=existing conditions NOT going to be allowed to sail? Will they re
  5. The White House overruled the CDC I read. The CDC wanted to. Extend the no sail till Feb. White House wanted only through what was already self imposed by CLIA Oct.. Cruiseofficials are scheduled to meet at the White House this Friday to present the guidelines the Healthy Sail panel put together. It has NOT been updated on CDC site yet/tonight. Eager to see what tomorrow will bring!
  6. Two United States senators introduced a new act establishing a task force to address the changes needed to allow cruise lines to resume operations. According to an official statement, Senators Rick Scott and Marco Rubio introduced the Set Sail Safely Act on Wednesday in coordination with a Private Sector Advisory Committee to establish a Maritime Task Force. ABOVE IS A COPY/PASTE from an email I got - I am a retired travel agent. Makes me feel better and better about cruising again soon - plus the guidelines established and presented by Celebrity and Norwegian to SAIL SAFELY. MIllion dollar question - When do YOU think cruising in US from FLL will start? I have the Apex booked for Jan.2, 2021. Sure hoping it sails. It is our 50th!
  7. I am feeling slightly more positive on this January 2nd sailing.I am basing that mostly on the fact that I saw a video of Richard Fain saying how they were working "nonstop" with the Carib countries aas to how they would work out docking, etc.Of course, it will all depend on when/what the CDC ultimately says, but if the cruise lines submit enough "precautions" that will be taken - surely that will help! I also read a review of MSC's megaship that is sailing now and what all they did. I just wonder if the Apex for our sailing is as full as it seems to be online. Because I seriously doubt they will sail at full capacity for the first sailings. How would they decide who sails and who won't?????? As our final payment is coming up in about 3 weeks now, I guess we will see how many cancel or keep the booking and I do not know what I will do! I sure hope we get some indication before final payment is due!
  8. So, you are thinking she will not do her European sailings, but will come to FLL? Thanks so much for the link. We have sailed on the Edge, but this article really points out the differences the Apex will have.
  9. What predictions now since Celebrity has called off all cruises now through Oct. 31? WE are still hoping and trying to decide on whether to cancel our Jan. 2, 2021 cruise on the Apex. We booked an S3 suite for our 50th anniversary and were so looking forward to it. Do we hold out till last day to make final payment and HOPE for it to sail or move it to 2021 later and just book an AI resort in Mexico or elsewhere instead? Final payment is due in about 3 weeks.
  10. Changed my mind - going with a Sky Suite on Celebrity - price and perks were better. Tough decision, but I did the inaugaral on the Edge and my interest was "peaked" so we are booking (courtesy hold for now) on the APEX. Thanks for your tips though! Next time, maybe as I have Cruise certificates that need to be used!
  11. We are trying to decide on a Haven courtyard PH suite or similar on either the Joy or the Encore. OBviously, our age will prevent us from all the physical bells and whistles of water slides, etc, etc. We are more interested in just the room itself and relaxing and the use of the Haven restaurant. We have been to all the Carib ports several times so that does not really matter either, I think we want to sail from Miami or port Canaveral with Miami first choice and on a newer ship with the HAVEN rooms. Which ship would you recommend? We are more into the musical or comedy entertainment onboard and food rather than other things. Also, is there a major difference in the food served in the haven restaurant or is it the same as in the MDR? We plan to go one week in JAN 2021.Cost is not a MAJOR factor, though we don't necessarily pay for a brand new ship unless the HAVEN part is better than on some of the older ships. Thanks in advance for your thoughts and any pics you might have of past Haven accommodations you have stayed in.
  12. Thank you for all the great info. I am finally getting down t only Puerto Plata/Amber Cover now for excursion. Any suggestions! The info on Grand Turk was great - we are doing a 2 hr snorkel there. Golf cars sound a little too expensive for 2people, but I may regret not renting one. The pdf's of the Fun Times are also great - thanks again. Just to clarify - the 2 specialty restaurants are the Steakhouse and the Italian. I know we will go to the Steakhouse for sure. How was the Italian one and how much was it? Are those the only 2 specialty? Besides them, the buffet and dining room, pizza, Guy;s Burgers, Mongolian Wok - what other options for dining are there with no charge or are there any more? Long lines or Guy's? Our plane arrives at 9:30 am - will we be able to board early - we have transfers through Carnival, but they said 12:30 boarding time on our docs. But I am hoping like other places - especially new Orleans, they don;t go by that strictly. Hoping we can board earlier and I am a Platinum. Thanks again for all the great recent info on the Magic!
  13. OK, I had the same question about the golf cart rentals in Grand Turk,. Excuse me, I guess I am dumb, but what is Wet Money? Is that the name of the company you booked with? Do you recommend any tours that snorkel the 7000 foot wall in GRand turk or close to it? Thanks in advance!
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