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  1. Sorry but in this day and age this should get sorted either by Southampton or by Celebrity. What is the point of the app and all this technology if we fall at the first hurdle.
  2. My understanding was that we were moving from printing everything and we should be able to show pcr codes via electronic means. This is what Celebrity recommended but I guess I have to go back to the old ways.... more paper.
  3. They didn't have any issues scanning the screen shots just putting in 2 middle names.
  4. Just want to give anyone a heads up if they are NOT a British citizen but a British resident. I showed the my American passport during embarkation and the person was very confused. I showed her my official 'indefinite leave to remain' and she didn't have any idea what it was. She left to speak to her supervisor which took 10 minutes. Therefore, make sure you bring something to confirm your residency. Also, my husband has 2 middle names. This confused the person again. Seems the computer didn't like that and couldn't put his information in. She had to go back to her supervisor. This took another 10 minutes. Make sure you screen shot everything. There is NO Wifi connection and I saw loads of people having difficulties. A couple actually showed their NHS cards as proof of vaccination because they couldn't get the NHS app to work.
  5. I just sent a DM via Facebook. Hopefully I will hear back in the morning. I will let you know anything I find out. Fingers crossed.
  6. Can someone please help? My daughter is 15 and I have booked via eurofins 2 weeks ago for her antigen test at the terminal on the day of embarkation. Now she needs a pcr test. Went on her eurofins site and I cannot book a pcr test for her. Not sure what to do? Should she just come along with me when I get tested or what? Everything is just getting so stressful. Thanks
  7. Was there any fabulous designer bags in the shops? I have some OBC to use up as well. 😉
  8. I could care less what anyone wears. When my husband is in a tux that is the only place I'm looking. 😉
  9. But the thing is we ARE paying for it. I would rather not have it included in our package and pay a lower price. I can live without WiFi if it is this bad anyway.
  10. For the price I'm paying for this cruise, you better be joking.
  11. Thanks for clearing that up. I have been vaccinated in the UK and can prove it on the NHS app but..... I'll bring my old passport and a utility bill. I just don't want to give them any cause to turn me away.
  12. I was going to show them my old passport with my 'indefinite leave to remain' from 2003. I would think this covers the residency issue but you never know these days.
  13. I just don't know what to say anymore..... this is laughable.
  14. Sorry. You are correct. I've been reading so many different things I was confused.
  15. I thought you received 2 pieces of clothing ironed for free in C class. Could this be what the OP was thinking?
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