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  1. Stevena54, Have a wonderful time in St Maarten before your cruise. St Maarten AKA 'the Friendly island" is lovely and we enjoyed all of the local people and their island culture. I want to return to this posting and provide a few pictures from our respite on the island. So many wonderful restaurants are still open with outdoor dining available and the snorkeling waters are clear with many colorful fish. Whatever you choose to do, you'll have an enjoyable time!
  2. I want to add that we were required to show the 'printed copy' of our negative Covid results which were required for entry and then they received an official stamp by their officials. Our stamps on the negative Covid results form are approximately the size of a half dollar and are printed with green ink. On the circular part of the stamp it states, "SXM COVID STANDARD CERTIFICATION CLEARED."
  3. Personally, I believe in having a 'printed hard copy' for all documents when traveling. Yes, I did have a printed copy of our Covid test results for the agents to review.
  4. Hello, We also visited St Maarten in January and were given business cards from all of the taxi drivers that we rode with. When we initially land in St Maarten in January we had not prearranged for a transfer. There are numerous taxi drivers outside the airport and obtaining a ride was not a problem. We were charged $20.00 from the airport to our resort (Divi) which is in Little Bay.
  5. Hello rsail203, We are also exploring this timing dilemma since our flight departs late also. The St Maarten airport is small but has a few eating take away places and their are plently of tables and seats following the walkway inside the airport to the back where the departing gates are located. Most of the shops on Front Street are open along with many restaurants in Simpson Bay.
  6. Dear Richard, We had the PCR test performed for our travel in March performed three days before our travel which we then uploaded our test results to stmaartenehas.com/application-form and obtained our Pre-approval form for travel to St Maarten. We talked with several guests who were denied their "Pre-approval" for a myriad of reasons. Most frequently this was because they submitted paperwork that did not have the laboratory name or even their name on the testing results. These individuals acknowledged they were given a 'summary' and not test results. The
  7. Yes indeed, much forms! Have a great time.
  8. Hi, I just posted further information regarding testing on the post titled, "Millennium Arrives in Phillipsburg." Please let me know if you have any further questions.
  9. Departing St Maarten to the US For our departure from St Maarten back to the US I made reservations (Covid testing must be performed three days before your departure---please refer to the CDC website for more information) at St Maarten Laboratory Services N.V. located at Hamster Drive 1G, which is in sight of the St Maarten Hospital. We arrived 20 minutes early for our appointment and were greeted with approximately 90 people waiting in front of the building with a Sheriff in front of the entrance. We were asked if we had an appointment and then given a small square wi
  10. We also stayed in St Maarten in January and the process and procedures have definitely been refined. In January they rolled stairs to the plane for all passengers to exit. The ramps are a big improvement.
  11. Hello Hal, Yes the ramp was departing from the plane and it is moderately long. Passengers also used the ramp to gain entry onto the plane. Inside the airport is another ramp which everyone is standing on to move through immigration (much like at Disney). We saw a few people with wheelchairs and many walkers both at the airport and during our stay. Hope this helps.
  12. I just wanted to add some information from our experience(s) traveling to St Maarten from Florida. We obtained the necessary PCR Covid test within the three day required period for travel. These negative PCR test results we then downloaded to the stmaartenehas.com/application-form with all the necessary travel information they required, such as Airline and flight numbers, length of stay, place of stay and payment of the required $30.00 for health insurance so that we could obtain the necessary Pre Approval form for our travel. After submitting this document we received our "Electronic Heal
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