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  1. We've stayed there, it's a decent hotel. There is a restaurant in the hotel for a quick bite along with a bar (so if having a drink in the evening is your thing, it's easy). There is an IHOP not too far away for breakfast if you want something more than what's offered at the hotel restaurant (which is a bit on the expensive side with a small breakfast menu). But the hotel was clean, staff were pleasant and the hotel itself was relatively quiet (especially compared to when we stayed at the Residence Inn in the same loop).
  2. I guess my phrasing should have been: "From a consumer perspective, booking the Early Saver rate is to ensure that if Carnival drops the price after final payment - which for many years seemed to be the average time for price drops - your price can be adjusted so that you're going to be paying the same as someone who was able to take advantage of a sale within 75-90 days of sailing."
  3. Price drops before final payment usually aren't an issue with most rates (i.e. if you can cancel without penalty, then you can always adjust because you can cancel and rebook at the better rate); early saver rate is really to protect people after final payment.
  4. So book with ES and then price match to the lower rate. You never know if the price will go down further. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.
  5. Sometimes on the longer cruises (Journey cruises of 9 days or more), they vary between the brunch menu and the separate breakfast/lunch menus. On longer cruises, it pays to check out the hub app (or funtimes) to see what's up (again, doesn't apply to regular 3-4-5-7 day cruises but since yours is 10 days, it might).
  6. Yes on the Spirit Class ships [Pride, Spirit, Legend, Miracle] 4207 (fully accessible) does - 4202, 4203 and 4205 (ambulatory accessible) do not.
  7. And I think they've ended that as well. Now when I price out on Princess, it makes me select the actual category (and shows no availability when there's no cabins in that class). We really enjoyed cruising on the Caribbean Princess but there's only 1 accessible cabin for 3 on that ship (my mom is disabled and is a full time wheelchair user and my dad uses a cane so I assist my mother and do a bit for him so it's much easier to be in one cabin) and the 1 accessible cabin for 3 is a Window Suite. It no longer shows availability except in the "Mini Suite" category where now all of the Window Suit
  8. Why not contact the special needs department of the cruise line? Depending on the nature of the medical equipment, they may have an alternative solution (or may recommend that based on your family member's overall needs that an accessible cabin is the only way to accommodate all of their needs). They may be able to remove some less-necessary furniture from the room to make space or figure something else. Better to ask directly.
  9. No, "proper service animals" don't work 24/7. Above is a quote from a person who is assisted by a service dog - no one - not humans, not animals - works 24/7.
  10. I was on a cruise where the owner of a service animal had the dog in a cart-thing (I don't want to say carriage - it was a small 4 wheel cart with a soft plastic top). The cart had a sign on it that said "service animal". We (myself and my mother in her wheelchair) were waiting patiently for an open elevator on embarkation day when they rolled up to the elevator as well and we struck up a conversation. The service dog owner said that they use the cart on embarkation and debarkation and any really crowded place. They had issues in the past with the dog being stepped on (to the point where the d
  11. Yes, just the 1500 points still. What you'll notice is by the end of the cruise many, many, many people will have a DOU card hanging from their cruise card and drink service will take on a different timeframe (the drink servers are working just as hard but their trays will be full all the time). In my experience, this is where a few $1 tips throughout the cruise when you're using your DOU card really pays off. Despite having a long list of drink orders, the servers still happily got us our drinks (even when we were ordering cans of soda).
  12. As of January 2020, Carnival cruises will be switching from Coke products to Pepsi Products. If it's successful - I wonder if Carnival Corporation will make the switch throughout all of their lines.
  13. I'm happy - I prefer diet pepsi and if they add in Diet Mountain Dew and Diet Sierra Mist, so will my mother. We'll just bring on diet coke for my dad and then the whole family is covered.
  14. If you can get it for 7 - 15% for most people it would be less than if you put it on a credit card. For some, it's easier to budget this way and buying on credit is normal. I'm not going to use it; I'm not going to judge someone who does. I read something that impacted my thinking recently "You can always get more money; you can't get more time." I can see cases where the thought is "why not take this cruise on credit and pay it off over the next 11 - 24 months. Time is of the essence."
  15. Actually - the part of showing your appreciation at the end of the cruise (and not tipping when asking for a change) comes directly from Ken (the singing Maitre D on the Carnival Pride). He declined a tip when we asked to be moved to a shared table and let us know that if we felt that his service was exceptional, the end of the cruise would be the appropriate time to show our appreciation. I have no issue tipping - I just feel that it's not necessary to bribe someone to do things - it's about tipping them for their overall service at the end of the cruise.
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