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  1. USD is required. Though I do recommend checking your exchange rate that your cruise is booked at (look to see how much $100 OBC would cost you). Right now the exchange rate is 1.33 (plus any fees your bank will charge) - if your online booking lets you buy OBC or Casino Cash at 1.30, you are saving a little bit.
  2. Because you don't have a reason to - therefore no one has a reason to?
  3. I can see a couple of advantages. 1. I book in CDN funds so the casino cash I pay for is in CDN funds - (with the same exchange rate I book my cruise in) - no paying the bank or broker a fee for conversion. 2. I don't have to travel with any more cash than I already do. 3. It's too easy to overcharge to your cabin when charging casino funds to your shipboard account - I've done it - you transfer small amounts while playing ($20 - $50 - $100) and it's easy to miscount how much you've actually charged until you look at your bill at the end of the day (or whenever you do). For me it's no different than setting up a small line of credit with the casino ahead of time. There's no charge and if I don't use it, it didn't cost me anything to do it because I still have the cash.
  4. If you pre-purchase casino credits, you'll receive a card in your cabin. You take that card to the casino cage and they give you cash. It's very easy and I recommend it for anyone who is looking for cash to play with (you can purchase up to $1000).
  5. Try it once - the machines are awesome - it squirts a kind of liquid soap and then tunnels of water. You use paper towel to dry afterwards. My hands have never felt so clean. It's a like a facial for your hands. I was obsessed with using these on the Sunshine.
  6. And if someone grabs that cabin in that brief window while it's being referred, the sister would be SOL. I'm in a similar position - there's 1 wheelchair accessible cabin for 3 people on the Caribbean Princess. Once I've booked it - that's it. No referring unless I'm willing to potentially lose that cabin.
  7. In January 2019 we did a 13 night Journey's cruise that was also a Premier. We received more gifts than usual (bottled water, boxed chocolates, plus cups, towels, bags, chocolate bars, strawberries and bottles of sparkling wine). We (and a number of players) also received free specialty dining - it was on the Sunshine so we got our choice of JiJi's or Cucinas. The issue I had is late dining was moved to I think 7:45 and they kept the nightly drawing at 8pm. It meant that no one with late dining could make the draw. The host said that "corporate" didn't adjust the draw time even though the ship adjusted the dining times. The casino was generally quite busy throughout the whole cruise and I noticed a lot of people with very high point totals due to how much time they could play.
  8. What activities do your parents like? Are they drinkers? Are they active? Do they prefer a balcony or are they happy anywhere on the ship? Each cruise line - and actually - each individual ship - has their own positives and negatives depending on individual likes and dislikes. Is there somewhere special you want to take them? What about length? Who's paying and what's the overall budget? I would start with those questions and then look at what your options are. My parents really loved our Princess cruises - but they've all been on the same ship (Caribbean Princess) because it has a Window Suite (no balcony which we don't use) which gives us lots of extras that we don't have when we cruise on say - the Carnival Pride (obstructed interior) or Royal's Voyager or Freedom class (interior). They could go on other Princess ships and may not enjoy it as much because they don't get the unlimited free laundry, club class dining, water in the cabin, etc.
  9. You can order soft drinks through room service. It's in the booklet - it's called "canned soda package" in the room service booklet - it just doesn't specify that it's 6 cans for the price of 5 - but it is.
  10. The gluten free pasta with marinara sauce was very good - big chunks of fresh veggies included with the pasta: From the Crown Grill - there is a fish and shrimp dish that was so good - they were the biggest shrimp I've ever had and perfected fried along with a large, tender piece of pan seared halibut. Both my parents loved the blueberry roulade on the lunch dessert menu: And I loved, loved, loved the rice pudding - even though it was chock full of nasty raisins. And one of the simplest but best is the watermelon and feta - until I started cruising I never thought of this combination but it's super good The sparerib appetizer is also one of my favourites My dad's favourite would be the chocolate eclairs from a lunch dessert menu
  11. Yes, the iced tea fusions are a punch; hot tea (a single tea bag) is not a punch but included like regular coffee with the coffee package. I loved the mint tea with sour apple and my mother enjoyed the favourite fruit one. I enjoyed them so much I purchased the torani flavourings for home to make my own.
  12. They have chicken nuggets on the MDR menu for kids. The breading is like fried fish (it's a batter not a crumb coating) and they are made fresh. When there's no appetizer my dad likes, he gets them instead. They are really good - all white meat pieces and really crispy.
  13. While the regular items from the regular menu were the same "mass production" meals, we did find that they were hotter, fresher and just nicer looking than other regular dining room meals. We were told that the servers in the club class have priority over other servers - they don't have to wait and they get to select the plates they pick up.
  14. I can't say for socks but my underwear certainly had the little tags in them. The only issue we had in removing them is if they put them on a seam (in rare cases). The tags stick so when removing from the seam, it can break the thread.
  15. I don't see what's wrong with the article... He starts off with "Have you put the brakes on taking a cruise because you use a mobility scooter at home and don’t think you can take it on board? Or maybe you think you can’t do all the walking and standing that today’s mega-ships require? " He's clearly talking "to" people who have some kind of mobility issues - they just don't see themselves as disabled - just those who need a bit of help (like using a mobility scooter in the big grocery store, or who use a scooter at home and are thinking they can't take it on the ship. I don't see him saying - "Hey, everyone should get a scooter for on the ship". I equate it to when I took my adult parents to Disney World. While my mother wasn't disabled back then (it was before her stroke), she has a bad knee from a car accident, was overweight and had bronchitis the week before we went. Frankly, all of that walking was killing her. She still had reduced lung capacity and her leg/knee were swelling really badly (and she had to cover it in ice for hours each night). After 2 days in the parks, my dad and I gently broached the subject of getting a wheelchair for her. We could see that she was really struggling and would benefit from not having to exert herself so much. She didn't use a wheelchair full time but there was no reason not to in this case where she was just not able enough to handle the trip. When we first started cruising I did a lot of research to figure out if the ships and cabins could accommodate my mother's needs (she had a stroke and has lost the use of her right side). Articles like this can be helpful someone hesitant to book a cruise because they don't think they can.
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