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  1. Looking at doing a river cruise for the first time, and AMA river cruises caught my attention since its excursions are said to be more active than most. With regard to its bicycles, are there plenty to go around? Or do you have to sign up for a bike excursion in advance to be assured of getting one? Any problems getting a bike when you want one? More generally, in choosing a stateroom, in addition to the obvious size difference, you pay more to get an outdoor deck and to be further off the water. I understand that in some ports on river cruises two or more boats may tie up along side each other, so at least while in port you may be looking straight into a stateroom on an adjoining boat, negating those two advantages completely. On a typical river cruise, do you spend some significant daylight hours not tied to a dock, in addition (I assume) to being underway most of the nighttime hours? Thanks
  2. We are doing some future cruise window shopping, and I had some questions about Viking excursions. I recognize that these questions would be easier to answer if we had a specific cruise in mind, but we’re not that far along. Any generalities about the included excursions? At worst, I envision several hundred of us loaded onto a fleet of buses to drive around the city/town for an hour or two. We are fortunate in that age has not impaired our ability to walk and otherwise be active, and we would prefer that kind of thing to a lot of time on a bus. Conventional wisdom is that with excursions you pay for, you pay quite a premium for a cruise line sponsored one compared to a comparable private one you set up yourself. Is that generally true for Viking Oceans too? If you sign up for a cruise late, say less than 60 days prior to departure, does that limit your choices of excursions? The website doesn’t show arrival and departure times for any of the ports of call, and I’m leery of port stays that aren’t long enough to be meaningful. By not showing that information, is VO hiding something I might like to know? And is an overnight really significant parts of two days (I remember seeing a different cruise line brag about an overnight when in fact the ship left at 1AM the day after it arrived in port). Any and all observations would be appreciated.
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