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  1. Dont know if it helps but my family members are feeling the same - and they are tough, little Highland ladies normally - its breaking my heart - so I have arranged with my hairdresser to take them both (identical 83yr old twins) with me next Friday and we will all get sheared together - they are a bit shaggy but actually look quite cute in a sheepdog sort of way, me, more elderly Highland pony out of control mane and if its not raining, there is a delightful little cafe attached to the local farm shop with an outdoor area for a little lunch - hopefully that will help them see how going out
  2. If you were wanting to check out this ship and this line's offering - these short UK cruises will not be filled with young people - even by August the majority of people who will be fully vaccinated will be over 50 at the very least - so if a bit of a nostalgia to the good old Virgin Radio days tempts you, this might be the only cruises where the demographic is on the mature side so to speak
  3. I agree - note to self - start playing. I can understand how people are challenged to put this into perspective - think about the millions of under 35's who wouldnt hesitate to jump on a plane - WHO research revealed that the risk of DVT increased significantly when other risk factors were present. Factors that contribute to the increased risk of travel-related DVT include obesity, extremes of height, use of oral contraceptives and pre-existing blood clotting abnormalities. The absolute risk of DVT in healthy passengers per long-haul flight (more than 4 hours) was found to be about 1 in 6000.
  4. What a difference a day makes! Now the insurance companies are awake to the lovely money to be made, endorsements and coverage confirmations flying around like post from home day at Hogwarts
  5. Spoke with both Staysure and All(not even slightly)Clear - then called International Travel and Healthcare the company we use for our offshore corporate coverage (did not mention our existing policies as I wanted a quote as a single cruise passenger) - below is the coverage and the cost is £81.50 for 5 days coverage - have to travel down to Southampton day prior from way up here so that is covered as well . Below are the important bits although there are lots more coverages This is for their Area 1 cover - which is UK and most of Europe - that covers me in case the ship slips into Iri
  6. Same with Cunard = t is a condition of the contract that you obtain travel insurance to cover the risk of requiring medical care on board or in a foreign country. Your insurance must include cover for all pre-existing medical conditions and must cover emergency evacuations from the ship, shore hospital medical costs and repatriation costs. It should have a limit of not less than £2 million.
  7. Second all the Ageas bits - lovely hotel, top class service and the spa is really well run for a polish up before cruising especially if just coming off a stint offshore on an oilfield. If the price fits your budget, try it - golf right outside the front door
  8. I can second this - cruising solo is the best way to completely relax, do your own thing and have the added treat of meeting new people some of whom have remained cruising friends for years who I still match cruises with (and will again). When one works in a complex, high stress role leading widely diverse and challenging projects and equally diverse and challenging staff and clients - just being able to sit alone and quiet watching the waves is the best therapy ever. Unfortunately, also second the redundant volume in my clothes closet - off for a quick march around the park to try to jiggl
  9. Do they have Smart Sealanes? off the Cornwall coast - sounds like they may need them with all the ships now sailing and all of them sunchasing?? I am thinking the safe bet is to declare Regions 1 and 2 when buying the cover - that way if the pointy end of the ship creeps out of the 12 mile limit, we are still covered
  10. Me too - not sure whats been happening with all the panic etc - got through within 10 minutes and got exactly what I wanted - same thing happened when I did my Brittania booking - no problem at all and both customer service reps were most pleasant and helpful
  11. This would be a really interesting choice to try out this cruise line - if - they were demanding full vaccinations for everyone - disappointed they are not although I can understand that with this being a family focussed offering it would be crazy for them to shut out their main demographic
  12. Definitely - was my goto line for quick last minute wander - and usually met some interesting people an had a lovely time - even in February going to Iceland - everyone thought we were nuts but it was a fun cruise with sunshine in Kirkwall of all places
  13. Got a call from the sister company brokers - they referred me to InsureFor Premium policy which appears to provide the cover necessary and will apply to UK based - have asked for details in writing before I buy - very cheap for a one trip policy so very suspicious. Decided to just get cover for this cruise and buy a multi trip in the fall when things should be clearer both on the insurance side and whether the Azura cruise will actually sail.
  14. Just been on chat with Staysure - reiterated what is stated on their website under exclusions - NO medical coverage or repatriation for these UK based cruises - they have taken my details to pass onto a sister company that is - possibly - going to offer such coverage - will update when I have a conversation with them.
  15. I think I may be the only person ever to get a suntan in Zeebrugge harbour in November staying on board Aurora on a 3nighter (me and the captain who was on a walkabout laughed himself silly at my beetroot face)
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