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  1. The only time I am sure which end is which is on a horse - several clues there help me. Have pity for my poor driving instructor, went a bit pale when he saw I had written left and right on the back of my hands - so to clarify - Tuscan is at the rounded end not the pointy one
  2. Just returned from last weeks Silhouette - have now been cruising solo for a few years since my husband passed and at first I was very anxious but have never had a bad experience and last week was no exception - in fact, I would say the opposite happened - crew including bar staff were right there offering service as soon as I turned up anywhere - they couldnt have been more welcoming and do enough to make sure I was enjoying my experience. I was seated at excellent tables in each of the restaurants = right in the window overlooking the bow in Tuscan Grille - amazing to have a lovely meal watching us leaving Southampton and a lovely sunset - tell them both to pack pretty things and a warm jacket just in case and go for it - worth every cent
  3. Where did you see this? Not finding it on the usual Fesses de bouc pages
  4. From this report, I guess things went downhill = took over 2.5 hours to get on board - sat in Park and Ride way past embarkation time and then waiting in line for test, waited again for results (never did get the promised email) and then over to the port, leave the car to drop the luggage, back in the car and around and about to the lineup to leave the car, CPS fiddling about with their devices which were all apparently running out of battery?? and then finally, through the terminal, on the shuttle and onto a lovely ship, great outdoor spaces, horrendous constant, unrelenting and sometimes overly loud music - everywhere - met dozens of people trying to find somewhere other than their cabin to get away from it!!! Wristband which you need to get into your cabin didnt work, kept having to go find someone to let me in, eventually after 3 trips to Sailor Services, was issued a normal keycard. Wifi horrendous especially since you need to use the app for everything including ordering breakfast, by day 2 saw lots of paper menus appearing. The ship is interesting and colourful and I would say the best use of outdoor space from all the 12 others I have been on, and given she is built for short fun cruises from Miami, should be great at that , sailing in European waters not so much.
  5. I have a friend on board and she called me yesterday to tell me about the complete mess they had made off the testing/embarkation setup - I am on Monday's cruise and although I dont normally have mobility issues, my rebuilt pelvis (horse went east, I went west) will never allow me to stand in lines for hours. Called Virgin Customer Care = spoke to a lovely man in the US who couldnt apologise enough and assured me that they were flat out fixing things as we speak so that this doesnt occur again - he did mention that they were concerned that lots of people would try turning up way too early than the 1 hour prior to their boarding slot and if that happens, they will be asked to leave and return at the correct time. Not sure the roads around the testing site can cope with large numbers parking and waiting?? I offered to go get at test prior to arriving at the port, at my own cost, he stated that there was no protocol for this at this time - read into this as you will. Hope the rest goes well for you and you end up having a rockstar experience
  6. Good afternoon - booked myself directly when I saw the advert - would very much like to find out about the agency you use as now will be travelling solo since my husband passed - where are you meeting for drinks?
  7. Just had a call from Viking Guest services - yes, its Saturday but they are calling all UK guests to double check the batch numbers if they were given AZ. So very very impressed with the dedication to making sure their guests were compliant in all their paperwork and all the changes that have been happening - fingers and toes crossed that I have all the bits in place and good to go - never can I remember being so nervous about travelling in my entire life
  8. Have you looked at getting on the July 14th sailing - its not on the website however if you call the wonderful people at the Guest Services bookings sections, miracles is what they do as normal. That gets you back on July 24th - if the 10 days silliness is still in play, you will be clear by the 4th and able to do your Scarlet Lady adventure - thats my scenario as well - getting really excited to be going inspite of the massive number of calls, emails, forms to fill in, tests to arrange, etc etc etc - I organize entire international annual meetings of stockholders with less fuss.
  9. On my recent VVenus cruise it was $25 - not much of a drinker however it was well worth the extra - the sommelier discussed each selection and the reason for its choice with that course and I must say some I would never have thought off - a sherry with the starter - it worked really well and added to the entire experience - after all the courses and no, I didnt finish any of the glasses - even so I was relieved not to be wearing my serious high heels or maybe it was a bumpy sea!!
  10. Is there a way to change the name of this or start an Ambassador one?
  11. Me too and the gala dinner/show the night before - did this several times on Magellan and enjoyed it and having the ship pretty much to myself the next day prior to everyone boarding for the cruise
  12. I booked it online on Sunday - and it was cancelled Wednesday which is when I went ballistic on Celebrity
  13. Is that at Southampton Airport - I had a test booked there and it was cancelled due to no staff available????
  14. The final human being who sounded English and actually rebooked me made a big thing of how they were not charging me any change or rebooking fees so yes, I think I could have had a cruise credit but how much I wouldnt wish to guess
  15. All this complete and utter nonsense with testing requirements and useless testing providers (I had managed after pretty much 8 hours of trying over 3 days to get an appointment with Eurofins that I could actually get too, given up on them and arranged a booking at Southampton airport which meant me having to travel down 2 days earlier than usual and having that cancelled) has made me get in touch with Celebrity and demand they allow me to change my July 3rd booking to August - I insisted on speaking to a manager - got their name etc and pointed out - maybe a bit stridently - that the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (as amended) takes precedence over their T's and C's and requires anyone trading in England to set such terms within the fairness (s62) and transparency (s68) (bleated on about other legal stuff such as the "last shot doctrine" - wont bore you further) and that Celebrity had singularly failed in this regard . Got transferred to a more senior guy in the States - he was less than happy but after me rabbiting on about reputational harm and encouraging aggrieved passengers to take action - agreed to switch me over without any penalties etc - transferred me back to the UK (I think) and all done and dusted. Not sure if this will help anyone else stuck in the testing maelstrom, its possible they just did this to get rid of me!
  16. Me too, my Oct Azura to Barbados gone - my FCC pile now just plain silly
  17. Not sure why they would be doing anything with her - just had an email from P&O cancelling my Oct Transatlantic on her - ah ha - thats why she is being moved - with this latest FCC to add to the pile I already have, I own the ship!! so they are getting her ready to bring round my house
  18. I think you have set out the idea of the Chefs Table here - its not just a meal but an experience and each time one visits, its a new experience - so looking forward to doing it again.
  19. Just returned from my first Viking cruise on Venus around the UK - absolutely great and they were so on top of my food allergies - every day the Restaurant menu was delivered with details of the days offerings so I could make sure I was not served anything of concern and both Chef's Table and Manfredi's also checked in prior to my reservation. Both were really good - the British menu in the Chefs Table was excellent - point to note - pretty normal eater but I only had half the first two courses as I was filling up and didnt want to miss the remaining two - plus the wine selections were different and really worked - hope you try this its worth it.
  20. Thats strange - just booked myself in for July 1st at 17:00-18:00???????
  21. Apparently NOT - just spoke to Viking who state that its always been their policy for the UK cruises that one dose 14 days prior to sailing was required???????
  22. I have just received an email from Viking Ocean about my Viking Venus trip this Saturday - its says " Face Masks must be worn at all times whilst moving around the ship. A face visor or shield may be worn in addition to a face mask, but not instead of one. This is because face visors or shields do not adequately cover the nose and mouth, and do not filter airborne particles. Proof of vaccination will need to be provided prior to embarkation, using one of the following methods. Confirmation of your vaccine dates can be found on the NHS app. If you have not already done so, you can download the link to the NHS app here. Please allow sufficient time prior to travel to process this. Letter from your doctor Vaccination card provided at the time of vaccination. One dose received 14 days prior to departure, will be sufficient for your cruise. Excuse me, I signed up for a cruise that required everyone to be FULLY vaccinated - didnt I????
  23. This post and my response might help clarify On 6/1/2021 at 9:39 AM, MX-Drew said: I wrote to them pointing out the possible problems at check in and their first response was basically all the information is in the policy documents so I replied I was just try to ease things at check in and not print out all 50 pages of my policy document thus wasting paper. In response I got the new endorsement letter. I wonder if they will send it to everyone as it would be a simple email merge. Thank you for writing to them and perhaps helping light a fire for them to be more attuned to what the cruise lines are asking. Sorted out my coverage with Staysure, really helpful young man fixed it all up and then sent me a separate endorsement letter for each company which shows my name, policy number and specifies which cruise line and the Staysure wording laid out clearly - he also pointed me to the pages which backs this up and sent through a Verification document which is a synopsis of my coverage, dates and inclusions - really good service and I feel good to go insurance wise
  24. I am booked on the October Azura Malta to Barbados and seriously worried that it will not go - yes, the UK will be in great shape vaccinations wise but - what about the various islands this trip will call at - its about where they are in their programme and - where they are in moving through the spread of this next variant - no way they will want UK passengers bringing that into their countries if their numbers are low - no way anyone will want to stop at their country if the infection rates are high or climbing - and thats not even taking into account the next variant which no doubt is out there cooking up somewhere. My guess would be that P&O and everyone else has contingency plans for some sort of activity over the autumn and up to Xmas that they wont release until much clearer information is available
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