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  1. Sitterfamily

    Barcelona Hotels

    I hate to hop on somebody else's post but I figured ya'll were giving such good advice maybe ya'll could help me. We're leaving on the 6/3 cruise and just now trying to book a room in Barcelona. We didn't know how many nights we'd need, etc until now. We'll need 5/30-6/3 so 4 nights. We'll have 2 young kids with us. Everywhere suggested is already booked and I'm afraid of booking in a sketchy neighborhood. We don't know yet what we'll be doing but I'm sure we'll do a day at the beach and maybe a couple tours. I know the kids want to do a double decker bus if they have 1. Recommendations on hotels? What area? We need affordable so not $200/night preferable. TIA!
  2. Sitterfamily

    Kids on vista in June?

    Our kids will be with us on the June 3rd sailing. Boys - 10 & 7.
  3. Sitterfamily

    Flights To Europe

    [quote name='bunnicooki']WOW air is another Icelandic airline that operates from select cities in the US to cities in Europe via layovers in Rekjavik. Like Icelandair, they are reputable, but you may have to pay extra for your baggage, so be sure to factor that into your savings.[/QUOTE] Thank you for your response! :) I'll check their baggage rates. We should only have 2 checked suitcases so the savings should still be good!
  4. Sitterfamily

    Flights To Europe

    This is our first venture to Europe! We're on the Vista June 3rd out of Barcelona. We found a couple flights from Boston to Paris via WOW & Ar Lingus for $486 end of May. Are those airlines reputable? We wanted to spend a couple days in Paris and then take the train down to Barcelona so these flight would be perfect and great prices!
  5. Sitterfamily

    Space A Flight to Cruise

    Thanks for your reply. I hadn't thought about traveling while kids are out of school. I'll have to take that in to account. We plan on leaving a good week or more before the cruise. I'll do some more research.
  6. Sitterfamily

    Space A Flight to Cruise

    Hey all! Just a TIA!!! Husband is retiring after 24 years and we're looking to do a European cruise (us and our 2 kids, 8 & 5). Of course flying commerical would be about $5,000 but we thought about flying Space A. I know with him being retired, he would be a cat 6 and getting bumped likely so very risky but if we gave ourselves a week to get there...is it an ok plan? We're price checking now so unsure where we'd leave from but found one out of Barcelona on the Carnival Vista that seems to be our price (850/pp). So...has anybody used Space A to get to a cruise?
  7. Sitterfamily

    Cruising in January. Clothing Advice Needed.

    Thank you all so much! I was a little worried we would be too cold to swim, enjoy the decks, etc!! :)
  8. Sitterfamily

    Cruising in January. Clothing Advice Needed.

    I'll bring our fleece pullovers and such for after dark!! Thank you so much for your quick response!! :)
  9. We usually sail in the summer so I have it covered but this time we set sail on the Conquest next week and I'm concerned about packing. 2 adults and 2 small children. I've looked at the weather for our ports (Mo Bay, Grand Cayman & Cozumel). Will I be ok to pack shorts/tanks, etc since they say the weather is about 80 degrees? TIA!!!!
  10. Sitterfamily

    best underwater camera under $200

    I've been researching myself so I'm glad this came up! I'm looking for a waterproof that's good but cheap. I'm only wanting it to use on our Dolphin Swim on our upcoming cruise! So I don't need it to go deep in the water and don't need fancy settings. Any suggestions?!
  11. Sitterfamily

    Another Insurance Newbie!

    We've only cruised 1 other time before and had no idea about insurance. This time, we're leaving our 1 & 4 year old at home. We leave out of Jacksonville, FL for our 5 day on July 24th (midst of Hurricane Season)! So we're starting to worry if we need the insurance. I've been looking at some the of recommended sights and ashamed to say, I'm even more confused. We're driving to our port, so no flights and we aren't concerned with the medical part since we have really good insurance. Our main concerns are these: What if something happens to our kids & we have to cancel? What if a hurricane hits us here in MS or there in FL? What insurance do I want to cover those 2 factors?! TIA!
  12. Sitterfamily

    After my first cruise - more questions about tipping

    We tipped Camp Carnival $20 every day we used them. Those women were fantastic and our son had the best time with them. Plus, we used them for babysitting one night and they bent over backwards to make sure he was comfortable. (He slept the whole time he was there)! They deserved every penny we tipped! As for the MD. We didn't see him the entire cruise so we didn't tip him anything. I wasn't even sure our dining room had one to be honest. But the couple we cruised with tipped $10 for the week bc they said they thought they had to! We've only cruised once so far so not as experienced as some others here but I thought I'd share! =)
  13. Sitterfamily

    Blue Lagoon Dolphin Encounter~ AWESOME!

    We're doing the Dolphin Swim through Blue Lagoon in July so I'm so glad to get a recent response saying it was worth the $$!! Please post pics if you have any! I'd love to see!
  14. Sitterfamily

    Favorite Nassau and Half Moon Cay Shore Excursions

    Oh no!!! The price of $225 or $199 IS for 4 people. Each extra person after the 4 is something like $40/pp or something.
  15. Awesome review! Just what we were looking for since we're booked for the same itinerary in July!!!! The other reviews had me a little nervous! Thank thank thank you! And I'm glad ya'll had a great time!