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  1. March 15th Regal Our cruise was cancelled by Princess 11 weeks ago today. We received the correct FCC for all four guests. But where is the $975 they owe us for taxes, gratuities and water? I've called and confirmed the amount. I was told that we are "in queue" for a refund. I'm about ready to dispute the charges to my credit card.
  2. We'd love a cruise that is just sea days, but wouldn't fly to port of embarkation. Offer one out of Florida and we'd consider it.
  3. Our cruise was cancelled two months ago. Princess has posted our FCCs. They owe me $974.44 for taxes, gratuities and bottled water. Today I called for the first time. The voicemail options did not include one for my circumstances, so I just pressed "0" and got a live agent. The checked both bookings and said they are both in queue for the refunds to be processed. I know they are overwhelmed with all of this, so I am satisfied to confirm that we have the same figures and refund will be processed.
  4. Tomorrow is 60 days since Princess cancelled our cruise. I have patiently waited and have not contacted them. Princess has correctly posted our FCCs. But I am looking for refunds for taxes $136.80 x4, prepaid gratuities $101.50 x4 and bottled water purchase $7.08 x3. Fortunately everything was put on my JetBlue card. I have recorded the details of each transaction. Tomorrow I will call to inquire about these refunds. If I don't get a satisfactory answer, I will proceed with disputes. I try to be a good consumer and do the right thing. I love Princess and plan to cruise again. I'd rather they get their act together and process these refunds!
  5. One week from tomorrow we board our 51st cruise. Our favorite spot is watching the wake by the Terrace Pool.
  6. I love the Curtis Stone chicken pot pie. I think I had it three times on our Hawaii cruise!
  7. She was a contracted lecturer (has been same on Diamond Princess before; her next contract is on Celebrity.) She was in crew quarters and dined in either the crew mess or officer's mess. She said that guest meals were all brought to their staterooms. I can't even imagine that undertaking! Folks who booked balconies must have been so thankful to be able to get fresh air.
  8. My cousin was a lecturer on the Diamond Princess. She was on one of the evacuation flights and is now quarantined at Travis AFB. She has tested negative (so far...thankfully.) Her luggage went to a base in Texas, but the Red Cross got essentials for her. She speaks very highly of Princess and the crew throughout this experience. I hope everyone gets home well and safely.
  9. We tried this strategy when boarding the Sky for B2B cruises. Liquor control at port gave us crap. They wanted to hold our bottles to see if someone would approve us bringing them on. We were cruising with three other couples, some of whom brought the same allowance. I told them we were advised to bring two bottles each and both boarding passes; they finally let us bring it. I paid for two cruises. I get credit for both cruises. It was very frustrating.
  10. Last month we sailed our 49th and 50th cruises. In recent years, most of our cruises have been on Princess, but we are Platinum on Carnival & Royal Caribbean and have also sailed with Celebrity, Disney and Norwegian. Our most recent Norwegian cruises were in 2008 (Panama Canal, then Alaska on the Pearl.) We hated "your style" dining (or whatever they called it then) as we always had to get a pager then order mediocre food in the MDR. We ended up paying for the surcharge restaurants and swore off NCL for the last dozen years. We sailed Princess four times last year and are getting bored with their entertainment. We are taking our granddaughters on the Regal Princess for spring break, but don't have any other cruises booked. We both play MyVegas and NCL is offering a number of options (over our anniversary) for reward points that interest us. Itinerary isn't important (Caribbean is Caribbean...) but entertainment IS important to us. I know Dawn is the oldest of the three and we have sailed the Pearl a few times, so the ship itself causes us to lean toward the Escape. But what about entertainment? Can anyone tell me about the production shows? Any significant difference with the resident show bands on those ships? Nightclubs? Comedy?
  11. My younger granddaughter ordered plain spaghetti almost every evening (much to my chagrin!) It was her bare bones version of the adult spaghetti and meatballs that was on the menu the first or second night, but she was able to get it every night.
  12. I wore the rubber bracelet on two cruises, but it made my wrist sweat. So for our March cruise, I ordered the larger size hoping to minimize the sweating problem. (Otherwise, the bracelet was fine.) I'm OK with the lanyard that comes with the medallion. I tried the bangle bracelet, but it didn't fit me well. My BFF bought the clip and loved it, but I think it would be too easy to lose track of it.
  13. They will announce "no saving of seats" over and over, but people always save seats. The theaters on Princess are inadequate to meet the demand, so you really need to get there early if you have several people who want to sit together. 5 Skies has set pieces that block much of the side views of stage, so for that show you want seats in the middle. I didn't care for the show, but it seems many others did like it. Those set pieces are gone for Rock Opera so most seats are fine. They will have a couple fly on entertainers that vary by sailing. We saw two production shows, one comedian twice and a fly on singer.
  14. We've sailed both Regal and Royal a number of times. We strongly prefer Marina deck balconies simply because the roof extends far beyond the balcony for brilliant protection from direct sun or rain.
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