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  1. Entertainment is my #1 priority. After several disappointing cruises with Carnival, we started going to Las Vegas often so we could choose the shows that most interest us. Then we began sailing Princess and found a great balance! We are just a couple cruises from Elite on Princess, so that keeps us coming back, too. Princess works for us because it isn't stuffy. We found Celebrity to be stuffy, so sailed with them only once. Feedback I have read is that Holland America is also stuffy with guests uptight about dress codes. We are mid-60s, but not old enough for HAL 😉 Maybe someday we will try them, but based on Cruise Critic HAL board, it just doesn't sound like a good fit for us.
  2. We are a little younger than your parents (married 46 years.) Like you, we are Platinum on Carnival and have sailed with them 21 times. We are also Platinum on Princess and Royal Caribbean. We have sailed NCL, Celebrity and Disney as well. In December we will enjoy our 49th and 50th cruises. We have enjoyed all of our cruises, but find Princess suits us best at this point in our lives. Princess ships are beautiful and more elegant than Carnival. The food on Princess is as good as or better than Carnival. Entertainment is where Princess is far superior to Carnival (and about the same as Royal Caribbean.) I like to plan far in advance and that worked for us with Carnival. With Princess, however, we find it is often to our advantage to book at the last minute. Now that we are retired and spend most of the year in Florida, we make it work very well. We'll sail with another line, but Princess is now our first choice.
  3. We feel like we are getting back those missing hours on board by doing B2B and having all day 12/4 on board. In any case, we get to experience a new ship (and two cruises toward Elite) without spending a lot of money.
  4. We had the same concerns, but figured we are on the ship anyway, it's one more cruise toward Elite and booked both. I am wondering if part of the reason we are boarding and sailing late is so the contracted Christmas decorators have more time! We watched them work on embarkation day of another cruise and it was amazing.
  5. We did it once. We had an aft minisuite on Royal Caribbean with a huge balcony. We put one mattress out there and shared it. (yeah, I know, blah, blah, blah...) It was wonderful for a few hours then the humidity got to us and we moved back inside. But to answer OPs question, yes, some of us have done it.
  6. We some hesitation, we booked both this morning. We were able to get the same balcony for both and friends are joining us (adjacent balcony) for the first leg. It's exciting to check out a new ship and it puts us two cruises closer to Elite.
  7. Late boarding and departure are disappointing! I am holding a balcony, but reconsidering because of this factor...basically missing an afternoon on board. I'm going to think on it.
  8. EXACTLY what I was going to say! I had it three times on our last cruise (Hawaii 15 night).
  9. This morning I went back and got four of the $100 cards (in addition to my two $500 cards.) The points are going to expire and there's no better value for us.
  10. We did this two years ago. Our tour (booked through the cruise line) included a bus tour AND the dinner cruise. It was WONDERFUL. Our driver / host / narrator did a great job. The stops in Paris were amazing...just a taste of a city I dreamt of visiting was very satisfying. Seating on the dinner cruise was quite tight and we were thankful to board early and have a window seat. The sights and narration were very nice; the food and wine were enjoyable but not impressive. If I had to choose between the bus tour and the dinner cruise, I'd choose the tour. We were excited on the bus ride TO Paris, enjoyed the scenery and limited narration. We were a little tipsy for the bus ride back and dozed. It was a great day! My father-in-law was part of the invasion at Normandy. I knew my husband would relish that tour and I encouraged him to do that and I'd go to Paris alone. He is very glad he chose to go with me instead, but next time I think he'll do Normandy (and I'll go to Paris again.)
  11. No, it wasn't ONE bad experience, just the last straw of their cutbacks is their sorry excuses for entertainment.
  12. I've used the points before for Carnival cards. After my last Carnival cruise, I resold my remaining cards, promising I'd never sail them again (after 21 cruises with them.)
  13. Thank you! Your detailed instructions helped me find it. I can get two $500 cards.
  14. Nobody moved my chair while I was in the bathroom. As I recall, I was on the port side and didn't consider any particular spot "prime" space. Mine was a small chair, nothing like a chaise; there were no other chairs in the area, just people walking by. I tucked in against the railing and if it bothered anyone, they didn't say anything. But I sure did hear "that's a great idea" many times.
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