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  1. We are disappointed with the change and it's another hassle to wade through. Has anyone reached out to Princess? I'd like to know when we can choose our staterooms.
  2. We are delighted! We are booked on Princess for spring break. No change communicated to us, yet, but reading Carnival's release, our cruise should be fully vaccinated, too.
  3. LOVE Emerald deck minisuites - the only balcony I'll book on this class of ship. E731 for third time in March!
  4. Sister and BIL STOLE their BOS - SFO MINT seats at $399pp NON STOP. Imagine that?
  5. Thank you so much! Sister and BIL did MINT to SFO for our Hawaiian cruise. They had the 2 seats together and BIL felt space inadequate. Hubby and I would choose the solo units if avail. JetBlue DOES offer MINT Bos to Sea. We summer in Maine, so would likely use that option. I'll be on top of fares and availability.
  6. we are playing with flight options for May sailings as we develop a strategy for our transport. Everything is still up in the air. My BIL is 6'7" and felt cramped in JetBlue's MINT seating last time. We do upgrade seats when booking flights and would like to snag first class for our return, if possible. Our considerations are wanting to fly JetBlue where we can. Upgraded flights / seats where possible. Minimal hassles / transfers. And hoping to have a couple days in Seattle. Thanks for all the help, details!
  7. That would totally work for us. Minimal hassle. I'd love the train experience, but Princess shuttle sounds perfect.
  8. We may book our flights independently. We are about a month before availability will be posted. We have enjoyed Vancouver before and might just fly there. But if we can make Seattle work, that's our preference, if only so we can JetBlue outbound.
  9. Your assumption is correct. We'll fly home from Anchorage. We have experience both Seattle and Vancouver pre or post cruise. My sister and BIL are cruising, too. They would like to pre cruise in Seattle and we all fly JetBlue - which we can do to Seattle. If Princess transfers are an option, that's what we'd choose as I prefer as hassle free as possible. Let someone else do the planning and worrying.
  10. We are doing an Alaska cruise-tour July 2022. For same itinerary, but in May, Princess is offering flight options into Seattle. Does the cruise line offer transfers from Seattle for a Vancouver cruise? If not, what would be the best experience for transportation? (I'd love a train if that's an option.) Thank you for any assistance!
  11. to Europe and Morocco...over spring break WEEK. No other options for us. I'd love to fly to LAX and do Mexican Riviera, but kids have school Monday, so it just doesn't work.
  12. WHAT Princess? Spring break always offers an Eastern and a Western Caribbean itinerary. It looks like they flat out canceled the Eastern itinerary and reduced our Western to just six days (dropping Cozumel...arrggghhh!) Sure! Put the CB into dry dock during spring break rather than over the last year and a half when it couldn't sail anyway??? At least we do have a booking, albeit disappointing itinerary and no other option unless we fly to west coast.
  13. Our cruise 3/13 will sail, but is being modified to just six days (dropping Cozumel.) Spring breaks 2019 and 2020 were canceled, so this is an improvement, but I'm disappointed.
  14. We are taking our granddaughters on the Caribbean Princess March 13, 2022. Princess notified us today that our itinerary is shortened to six days (that's OK) but they are dropping Cozumel and keeping the two tender ports. This is disappointing.
  15. We have sailed all three lines; we have taken grandkids on Carnival and Princess. Despite 21 Carnival cruises, I've managed to avoid the drunken party atmosphere. We stopped sailing Carnival when they abandoned full production shows. But since Princess is cutting back on entertainment, too, I wouldn't hesitate to choose Carnival again depending on all other factors. I'd simply like to reassure the OP that Carnival is a viable option to be considered and also, have taken grands on Princess and they LOVE it. There are fewer kids and we find that a huge advantage.
  16. This morning I baked fresh muffins from the refrigerated batter. They were wonderful, every bit as good as those baked yesterday. Again the texture and flavor are very much like Princess bran muffins. Hubby loves them, too. I might try dark brown sugar next or perhaps a little molasses next time.
  17. I miss a lot of things about cruising. I miss being on the ocean, the excitement of boarding a new ship and making new friends. But I begin every cruise day with a Princess bran muffin. I have reached out here and to the cruise line directly, but nobody wanted to share a recipe. Today I found one online and made a batch. They are very good! This recipe makes a tender sweet bran muffin, very similar to what Princess offers, but a lighter color. I mixed up a batch and have the bowl in the frig so I can bake a few each morning. Bran Muffin Recipe - Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts (dinnersdishesanddesserts.com)
  18. Wow! I've been through two rebuilds where we lost our post counts, but I used to be far more active than in recent years. You've seen LOTS of changes!
  19. Good for you! I appreciate that encouragement. We feel like we need to slow down and just make the most of every day. This year we had already planned a two month cross-country national park camping trip. We've extended our time a bit as hubby now has to do all the driving. Hoping to go forward with this trip. We are taking granddaughters on western Caribbean Spring Break, then doing Alaska cruise tour with my sister and BIL. After those cruises, we're just thinking we'll stay closer to home and enjoy family time. I'm just trying to emotionally prepare myself for a lifestyle that's slower than what we've enjoyed together for 48 years.
  20. Popped into CC to see what's cooking and realize TODAY is my 21st anniversary with Cruise Critic. I've seen a lot of changes over the years - on this board as well as in cruising. We have two Princess cruises booked for next year and they might be our last. I had a stroke March 27th and was diagnosed with cerebrovascular small vessel disease. It is likely that I'll have more strokes, develop dementia and have shortened lifespan. The most critical factors are blood pressure and stress. I'll do my very best with self care, but expect that we'll need a quieter lifestyle going forward. It is what it is.
  21. We got the email for March 2022 Caribbean...but ALL of our shore excursions are already booked! Our July 9, 2022 Sapphire Alaska cruise, all of our shore excursions are also fully booked. We are traveling with another couple, booked top tier excursions and want to be certain that we are together. After I confimed the March 2022 excursions, Princess sent me a survey asking for the reasons I booked early. I just like to have everything done.
  22. I had the J&J vaccine March 25th and had a STROKE 48 hours later (almost to the minute.) I was in ICU for 4-5 days then the regular neurology unit for the last couple days. A vaccine trial doctor visited me in the hospital and I had an exam with them a few days after discharge. Id like to know if my stroke was related to the vaccine, but I accept their explanation that it was a spike in my blood pressure. I am vaccinated and hope to go forward with our 2022 cruises, but Might cancel if Princess does not require vaccines.
  23. Well, this is encouraging. I will call tomorrow to ask for a refund. That should leave us adequate funds for spring break 2022... Each response was helpful. Thank you all.
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