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  1. Thanks Essiesmom and Kerry's Girls for your replies. That's encouraging. @Kerry's Girlsdo you remember sea being choppy? I am worried about sea sickness. Also, if you had done in balcony, is it something of use in Nov weather? I am holding a balcony cabin. Downgrading it to a Oceanview would sure save some good bucks.
  2. Hi Folks Before creating the topic, I researched the forum, but couldn't get what I am looking for. I have booked a cruise next year sailing in early part of November (usual Italy, France and Spain rounds) with MSC. Its gonna be vacation with kids (5 and 7). Did I make a mistake? Would it be too cold for the kids to enjoy. Would the day time be too short? Would the pools be too cold even to touch with the toe? Would it be too windy and choppy seas? Anyone did such cruise with kids? If its too bad, I might as well cancel. Thanks for your responses
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