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  1. I keep seeing dining options mentioned... Just wondering, on the evenings that the ship is in port till 10 pm do most people return to the ship for dinner or find a restaurant on land? thanks
  2. Thank you so much!
  3. Thanks! Wound up choosing a cabin on deck 7 but more central and not by the laundry.
  4. Yes, a Greek cruise. We were supposed to go on the Journey at the start of the pandemic. So I'm trying to figure out if Azamara is still a good choice for us since I noticed the Celestyal ship had a similar intinerary. Thanks.
  5. Which ship to choose? Same dates, similar itinerary. thanks very much!
  6. Since the Onward is a refurbished ship, would the comments in the Azamara cabin thread apply to Onward? I'm looking at 7091 and 7093 where on the Quest someone posted that there was a humming or vibration. Would that also be true of the Onward? My main concern is noise. I want deck 7 for that reason - just not sure where. Is there a way to tell where crew work areas and doors would be? Thanks so much for any insight you can offer!
  7. thanks all and believe me, I will spend as little time in the cabin as possible 🙂
  8. Does it make any difference which side of the ship to be on for most of the Greek ports? Thinking of booking an Azamara cruise... thanks
  9. It's an old post, but it does say Sept 2020....
  10. ok then... we will just be ready to go early....Are they ever ready to tender before the stated time? (We have experienced that in the Caribbean). thanks everyone :)
  11. Ship "arrives" at 8 am. If it's likely that I would be able to be on a tender by 9am then I will not book a ship's tour. But if there is a high probability of being "stuck" on the ship past 9, I would consider a ship excursion. Would love some insight. As far as I can tell 5 ships are arriving around the same time with over 7800 passengers. Thank you for any advice!!!
  12. Thank you, I won't book anything with a set time, just would like to be off early (I'm a very early riser). There will be many ships in port. I guess that could affect it too?
  13. What happened to the Quest? And I think there are other ships in port on Sept 10. The NCL Jade maybe?
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