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  1. Thanks. I think we are leaning in that direction too.
  2. Thanks for the information. Will check it out.
  3. Trying to decide between an airplane and doors-on helicopter tour. Right now looking at Ali'i Tours. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks! Diane
  4. considering this. Who did you rent from? Do they meet you at the pier for pickup and return?
  5. Thanks so much for your reply. My husband has balance issues and does not feel comfortable sitting on the sides, even with straps to hold onto. That is why I'm looking for something other than Zodiacs. When we did the Antarctic, we went with Hurtigruten and they us hard bottom skiffs with seats
  6. Thanks for the information. I was hoping to catch the #12 tram near the pier to go to Vigeland so wanted to grab a ticket as soon as possible. I have an atm/debit/visa card that I use with a pin at the ATM. Would that work?
  7. We will be in Oslo this September and would like to use public transportation to get around. I understand there is a one day pass available. Does anyone know if we can buy it at one of the ticket machines? And do the machines require a PIN with your credit card?
  8. I also don't use the dryer. We have a minisuite and I often use the balcony to dry our items. I use clips, only do it while in port, and on a non-windy day. I bring an elastic clothesline that I have lengthened by tying a shoelace to it ... I tie the lace end, then stretch tight the elastic to tie the other end ... makes for a non-saggy line. Most of the line is below the balcony rail and the clothes dry just fine on a warm sunny day. I have also found lots of places around the cabin to hang things. I'll place items on the horizontal piece of a hanger and hang it from the shelf railing. If I have to, I'll fold the item, and then reverse the fold a couple of hours later. I've also hung hangers from the edges of dropped ceilings lol
  9. Hi Lori 😊 just got around to finishing my Shutterfly album for the trip. Thanks again for sharing your GBR pictures
  10. Why would anyone pay more for a smaller cabin? Am I reading you wrong? Doesn't make sense
  11. This is an interesting thought. Maybe the answer, if going solo and having to pay 200%, is waiting and booking after the final payment date. I wouldn't have a problem paying $750 for a week Alaska cruise. Actually, I wouldn't have a problem paying $70 for a week anywhere. 😁
  12. I was just wondering if anyone besides me thinks it would be great if Princess added solo cabins to their new builds? And not charge 2x single rate!
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