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  1. I honestly don't remember exactly what we tipped. Since generally we do $10 for a full day pp, we probably tipped our guide $50 because she was very accommodating to the needs of the group. And we would have given the drive $20 or $25.
  2. No. Didn't go to any of the evening program s . Long days and didn't think we could handle it
  3. Thanks for the info about expecting the driver to help. I had previously read there were going to be porters but I guess not
  4. dkata Thank you SO much for your report. I just came to the forum looking for that exact information. I am a new Uber user and your post is very helpful coastcat Perhaps you can give me some information regarding the shuttle to the lot. I read there are supposed to be staff available to help pax get their luggage on and off the shuttle. Is this accurate? We have no problem once the bags are on the ground and we can roll them but, as seniors, we would have a hard time lifting up a step or two onto the shuttle
  5. Yes, meals were included. We had two very nice sit down lunches. No choices but we liked everything. At the second lunch, the office manager came with a handheld charge card gizmo and that's when we paid. At the end, we tipped the driver and guide in US $.
  6. Yes, it was that tour. We kept it private for 8 of us but you can also just book it and have up to, I think, 16 people The hydrofoil is fine. Nice smooth ride
  7. FYI ... for people, like us, who will need help with luggage https://www.flylax.com/UI/Flylax/Views/Lax-It/accessibility-info.html
  8. Meant the process. I understand first few days have been a nightmare
  9. We will be there in February. I suspect they should have it all worked out by then. 🙂
  10. Was thinking of booking the upper class cabin with the king bed and sitting area. Based on what you are saying that should be fine. Thanks so much.
  11. And us old people that need help with our luggage????? We have to get them on and off the shuttle by ourselves?
  12. I was just reading some reviews on the Queen Mary and they were pretty bad ... about the condition of ship and the staterooms. I would really like to stay there but was hesitant after those reviews. Should I discount them? We don't need anything fancy. Just clean and comfortable.
  13. I'm not sure I understand what is going on at LAX. No ride share pickups on upper level which is departure level. I get that. But ride share pickups OK at the lower level for Arrivals, like those who pick up checked luggage?
  14. Thank you so very much for taking the time to write this long and helpful post.
  15. Could have sworn I read that about the San Pedro port......will recheck
  16. I understand there is a new policy at the port. Pick up cars need to wait in a special lot and pax have to take a bus from the terminal to the lot.
  17. Wondering if anyone can recommend a hotel in Long Beach that is near the beach. Coming in two nights early and want to spend a day vegging near the water.
  18. I was on the Regal in September. The regular BJ table, with automatic shuffler which I am not a fan of, had a $5 minimum and paid 6 to 5. The Fun 21 table had a $6 minimum but had a dealer shuffled shoe and paid 3 to 2
  19. What airport are you connecting through? We are also seniors and don't run through airports anymore. But the secret we found is if we have a tight connection, depending on the airport, we ask for wheelchairs. Worth the $10 pp tip to get zipped from one flight to the next. Especially when you consider the $$ saved using EZAir.
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