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  1. We will be on the Odyssey next April. I noticed the deck plan shows an area for The Retreat that appears much smaller than the area on the Ovation. Is it supposed to be the same set up?
  2. I am somewhat surprised by the lack of activity in the roll calls for our Odyssey cruise. I started a roll call for our 4/28/22 cruise over a month ago and have had no replies. Numerous other pending sailings have also been stated with very few or no replies. Is this normal?
  3. We will be on the Odyssey next April for the 21 day Panama Canal cruise. I have just made 3 reservations for the TK Grill, (2) at 7:45 and 1 at 8:00. Any one have any idea how that might work out with the show times?
  4. Damn - as a newbie to SB, in a PH on Odyssey, that really doesn’t sound like the “luxury” I am expecting.
  5. Hopefully one year from today we will be sailing out of Miami heading for Los Angelis on the 21 day Panama Canal Passage. This hopefully is a mute question, but with the way the Caribbean cruises will be starting up with limited passengers for social distancing, if a cruise is fully booked and the limitation of passengers is still in effect, how will they determine who goes and who doesn’t?
  6. Thanks for the very nice replies. If it matters, we will be on the Odyssey.
  7. It’s a little over a year out from our cruise and I’m beginning to wonder about reservations. It appears that reservations for the TK Grill are now open. I have seen discussions of reservations for the grill, that appear contradictory. The brochure indicates there is only one reservation available for the entire cruise. I have also seen a discussion that it is actually one reservation per week and also that it is fairly easy to make reservations once on board. I also understand that the Colonnade has TK theme nights which also require reservations. My questions are: can I currently ma
  8. To pay in full and get a 10% discount. We’re taking advantage of it. Anyone else?
  9. I despise wearing ties. On our last cruises on Regent I wore very nice slacks, sports coats and shirts and fit in quite nicely without a tie. I hope to do the same on Seabourn.
  10. Does the $50 laundry bag also cover dry cleaning?
  11. I just had a disappointing discussion with a Seabourn representative who told me that only the referring individual receives the $250 credit. The first time cruiser does not. Is that correct?
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